Oolitic Aragonite Sand is the ideal grain size for reef tanks, fish tanks, plenum systems and refugiums. Premium Aragonite Reef Substrate for aquariums reduces Nitrates & Maintains ph. $("#zip-modal").addClass("open"); $("#afterpay-modal").removeClass("open"); Aragonite’s Crystal Habits include twinned hexagonal prismatic crystals as well as a diverse assortment of thin elongated prismatic, curved bladed, steep pyramidal (spiked) and chisel shaped crystals. Its uniform, fine grain size reduces detritus buildup, and allows jaw fish, blennies, and other animals to burrow in it. Only registered users can write reviews. This particular carbonate gemstone has a straw yellow or mellow orange color and has come to symbolize understanding and truth. Coral sand? Cat dental care: How to clean your cat’s teeth, Solving common aquarium water quality problems, Pet snake care guide: How to look after a snake, //