3. DIY Deer … I was situated 20 feet up in a tree nature had placed in a good spot for seeing deer. Curly's pictures pretty much sums it up, deer eating and no feeder racket. Dogs can detect odors that are up to 40 feet underground, thus deer can detect them even deeper than that depth. Unfortunately, many deer end up extremely sick or dead because animal lovers believe that corn is good for deer. You can also put out buckets of sweet apples or corn, because deer love the smell and will come to feed on them. The average number of times a particular deer came to a treatment site was once, and over 90 percent of all visitations were … Make sure you follow a meticulous scent control program each and every time to head afield, and always hunt with the wind in your face. Some feeds like corn are great for keeping deer warm in the winter because it's an energy-rich food. Game wardens and rangers can help control coyotes by hunting or trapping. The deer associate the sound of the feeder with food, but initially it was the smell of food "corn or feed" that attracted them to the site. A spincast feeder filled with a mixture of corn and Golden Deer Nuggets is a great way to get deer in close proximity to a new protein feeder. ... A far-eastern deer-like miniature elk that causes an incurable disease known to drive hunters to marsh-madness. Deer can smell things from 100 yards away that a human could barely smell right next to his nose. With the right product, it’ll become much easier to find deer when you go hunting. A bullet or arrow through a deer's abdomen is usually referred to as a gut shot. If the smell stays with the container, it will disrupt the scent of the peanut butter, which will cause your plan to attract deer … Actually have done research on this . Bioguy01 ... Food plots and feeders don't "pull" deer very far! Hog Bait – Soured Corn By greatoutdoordinary on November 30, 2016 • ( 0). Comment. Nevertheless, you should know that some deer scents are better than others. Once deer have found the salt block, they will … “We found no statistical difference in the number of deer, or type of deer, that came to any one of the treatments. Deers love turnips, beets, apples, persimmons, acorns and corn. #1660257 - 08/24/10 08:33 PM How long does it take deer to smell out or find a new bait pile? ... a deer can smell all sorts of stuff. It gets a sweet scent in the air and though I can't prove it, I think it gets deer into corn faster because they can smell it from a distance. To make this DIY deer repellent, you will need one bar of Irish Spring soap as well as a mesh bag. It is assumed by scientists that a deer even can tell how long ago a deer has urinated just by smelling the urine. Post Cancel. A whitetail has 6-8 cubic inches of nasal surface area compared to a human’s 1 ½ inches. Asparagus, horseradish, garlic, lavender, and chives are great perennial plants to deter deer. Using deer scent is one of the best ways to improve your chances of snagging a buck. Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about a deer’s ability to smell. Even better if they can grow year-round, hence perennials. Snicker all you want but we have far more to learn about the whitetail deer sense of smell. Deer love peanut butter, so it is an excellent bait. Conclusion Home › hunting › Hog Bait – Soured Corn. Peanut butter is much cheaper than most commercial deer … Though not proven, it’s believed white-tailed deer can smell eight to 10 times better than people. Also store your clothes in an air tight bin with oak leaves and or pine needles in it to … It is effective against common deer ticks that harbor the Lyme disease. Setting up your blind a couple of weeks before deer season allows the new smells and outlines to become part of the deer’s familiar territory. Liver shot Assuming there are deer in the area, is it a matter of hours or days. You want to habituate the animals to coming to your feeder in the off-season if it’s on your property and then you can move in and make your harvest. A salt block can be purchased from a feed supply store and set out specifically to attract deer. You can also do this yourself. To ensure there is no remaining soap scent or coffee scent is very important. Deers rely on their sense of smell for food as well as for sensing predators/danger. In other words, they know when they smell your scent with a certain intensity that you are in the backyard. Raccoons can wreak havoc on your harvest, especially when you're trying to grow sweet corn (Zea mays), which in addition to other plant and animal matter, can be part of their diet. Comment. Because sometimes the wind changes, and then you are busted quicker and easier if you are not watching every little detail as far as scent … When you can’t set up in advance, be sure to place the blind where it isn’t obvious. Deers can smell for very long distances and well placed bait can be a real treat for them. I’ve read hundreds of articles, and seen lots of discussions on forums, overheard (and sometimes participated in) semi-drunken arguments at hunting camps, and the like regarding what is the “best” … However, if you are closer the intensity will increase and they will know you are closer. You can use peanut butter alone or in a mixture to lure deer into an area for hunting or just to enjoy watching them. Alternatively, draw deer to your yard by putting commercial deer urine lure in the area you want deer, especially around breeding season. Corn has long been a favored bait for deer, and it’s primarily used in dedicated feeders as scattering it on the ground can be both expensive and ineffective. All im saying is if corn killed deer than over time deer would learn to stay away from all types of corn! If you want to keep them away, then plant plants that have a strong smell. The intestines are even farther back — located just ahead of the hips.As noted in my book Whitetail Wisdom, a deer… Wash your clothes in special hunting soap that has no perfume scents added. Post Cancel. A deer that only has a partially clipped lung can live much longer and travel further, so treat a questionable lung shot as if it were a liver shot. What some hunters don't realize is that not all gut shots are the same. We can not use bait for deer in New York, so this is more of a general curiosity question. This season, my buddy Joey Hayes had the rare chance to document exactly how far a buck traveled from his fall range to his winter … Human’s are about 2 inches. Pay attention to your feed type. Members of the deer family and predators need their sense of smell to survive, so they are equipped with far more olfactory receptors than those animals that do not rely on their sense of smell. The rumen (stomach) shot is probably most common because it is directly located behind the liver. You can use a leftover mesh produce bag if you wish, or a cloth mesh bag like we have. I believe that a deer can tell how far away the source of an odor is, but only if the deer is conditioned to the strength. Truth be told though, it can be hard to actually know how far a buck moves. How long after you drop a bait pile are you expecting to see come in to hit it? Rue observes that a day with high humidity (between 50 and 70 percent), temperature between 50 and 70 and with a … Once they are adjusted to the feeder itself, Record Rack protein supplements contain ingredients that deer can smell, and are designed to be the most palatable deer protein supplement available. Most whitetail hunters have no idea how well a deer can smell, and that they use their noses as their first line of defense—always. Deer will avoid new objects in their area until they are proven to be mundane. A deer shot through both lungs will normally run 20 to 100 yards before dying. One year after the corn was cut, somebody made the mistake of picking up a corn cob and throwing it out in the cut cornfield. The salt needs to be placed in an area frequented by deer and left in place without moving it until the deer find it, which can take anywhere from hours to days. Drape it over a fence on the far side of the property A deer's digestive system is complex, and corn happens to be one of the worst types of food for them. With some, the smell is odd a bit and this makes it ineffective. Shoot a coyote and then hang the carcass as a warning to other coyotes. They Can’t See Me: You just need a good game call to call them in. The odds of getting trail camera pictures or seeing a deer miles away from each other is a difficult feat. For others, the smell … I can go in there and put corn out and walk all over the corn and pick my trophy rock up with my hands and they will be in there at the regular times two or three hours later eating corn … He has done as much to educate the American public and hunters on the ways of the whitetail than anyone. These are great for this DIY deer repellent and can easily be washed and reused. After shooting a deer in the lungs we suggest waiting 30 minutes to 1 hour before looking for blood. They can also smell insects embedded in the ground or in woodwork. They can bring more deer to your feeding area with an attractive smell and taste. Hard to say how far I've been busted because I'm sure I've been busted and never even known but that I have seen about 100 yards I've had wind change on me and it's like these deer … This way, you can keep them out and still gaze at your pretty little patch of heaven. You can find your own reusable cloth mesh produce bag here. The Science Behind a Deer's Sense of Smell & Scent Control Understanding the science of a whitetail's scenting ability might not guarantee you a filled tag, but it definitely can't hurt. Couple guys claim to have done observation tests and under perfect conditions deer can smell up to half mile away. Do not feed deer a corn diet. This way, any smell of the coffee extracts remaining on the can will be blocked and there won’t be any soap scent. Another thing that they really love is alfalfa. You can see why hunters are at such a disadvantage when they head to the woods. For more than 50 years Leonard Lee Rue III has observed, researched, photographed and written about deer. Controlling any nuisance animal is important. “Deer of all ages and sexes came to every one of the treatment sites,” explained Kroll. A deers sense of smell is directional, meaning a deer cannot only identify the source of the smell but also the approximate distance and direction the smell comes from. It is a safe commodity with only 0.5% permethrin concentration, odorless, and will not spook deer. They have been used to detect leaky gas pipes. You can also plant non-perennials like thyme, sage, mint, ginger, rosemary, and parsley. Of all the whitetail’s superior defenses, the most reliable is its sense of smell. Use scent killer body soap and deodarant before going hunting. It means you can spray your entire campsite and tree stand and never have to worry about mosquitoes for a very long time. “The deer can’t see the cords, so they won’t attempt to jump over either,” says Lorainne. When deer are offered a sudden supply of corn, they aren't able to … That way you could smell like a skunk and it wont make any difference.But the guy that practices scent control will always end up with more deer then one who doesn't.