Just below these, in the very next level of sensitivity and deepness, I’d place Fred Hersch, Ahmad Jamal, Michel Petrucciani and Marian McPartland. 7. ALSO…….. Roger Kellaway-Ray Bryant – etc etc etc I do have some issues with some on list but the top 5 ( in a different order ) is very good but is debateable in some people. A bunch of rock musicians ????? http://www.ranker.com/list/greatest-jazz-pianists-of-all-time/ranker-music Be careful with actually trying to join Ranker, though. the knowledge and know how are stretched throughout the entire history of jazz piano. He had the most awesome LEFT HAND of any of them..and NEWSWEEK BACK IN THE LATE 70s called him the greatest jazz pianist IN AMERICA! I had a few jazz theory classes with Oscar in 1985/86 at York University and I shall always cherish the moment when he shook my hand after playing a guitar solo. Earlier, George contributed his inimitable baritone, along with Donnie Gerrard, to Jeff Lorber's "Think Back and Remember" from Lorber's 1981 smash effort Galaxian. Prior to the MJQ, he was a sideman for Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis. 20 Horace Silver Wayman Lawrence Tisdale (June 9, 1964 – May 15, 2009) was an American professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and a smooth jazz bass guitarist.A three-time All American at the University of Oklahoma, he was elected to … first, it is totally wrong to make up a “Top Ten List” of pianists, jazz or classical. They have him ranked a little too high. ! Eldar Djangirov? 2: Teddy Wilson Saturday morning, the double bill of Julian Vaughn and Four80East were scheduled outside in the open air theatre, but due to windy and chilly weather, it was moved inside, which was fine with me. Between Chucho and Art Tatum a toss up as #1..2-3 Oscar. The tracks in this category have no bass on them. a must in the list. 1: Earl Hines. Sadly, his life was blighted by drug addiction, which hastened his premature death at the age of 43. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Wayman Tisdale. Live for me the Number One spot has to be Earl “Fatha” Hines, I stood behind him, within touching distance, at a Jazz Club in the UK whilst he played “All night long”, (sorry Lionel), thrilling the Club Cats in the 60’s. You have Bob James and Cecil Taylor on this list, but you do not have Elmo Hope? Though revered by the critics, Byard’s unique sound was less well-received by the public, but he remains one of the best jazz pianists in history, not only because of his impact on jazz in general, but also in relation to his role in the evolution of the piano itself. 1. 17 Vince Guaraldi Gene Harris should be among the best 10!!! Other than that, might as well throw darts. Earl Hines would hold the No.1 spot for me. Oscar Peterson should have been at the no 1 spot. His path would cross with Coltrane’s again in the 50s, when both joined Miles Davis’ quintet and made several groundbreaking albums for Prestige and Columbia (among them Workin’ and ’Round About Midnight). If you need confirmation of this, go see the wonderful 1 hr docu on Hines @ https://vimeo.com/58414566. You explained that in the beginning so there should be no complaining. Also, there are no melodies or solos played on these tracks either, so, they are excellent for Duos consisting of a Bass and a Melody Instrument, like, for example, … 40: Cedar Walton (1934-2013) Please. Michel Petrucciani for lyrical style; Thelonious Monk for innovation – but there’s more, of course, The contributions of Duke Ellington, Nat KIng Cole, Scott Joplin, Dave Brubeck, Art Tatum , Brad Mehldau , Nina Simone, Gil Evans, Michel Legrand & Jelly Roll Morton cannot be overestimated ). Bringers of joy. How about Monty Alexander, Nina Simone, Dr Billy Taylor, Les McCann, Denny Zeitlin & Organist, Jimmy Smith? Even Bill wouldn’t agree with that. Reports listed his cause of death as gastrointestinal bleeding of the esophagus.Â. As already pointed out by other folks here, there a few important omissions: Mal Waldron, Brad Mehldau, Don Friedman, Barry Harris, Lenny Tristano, Mary Lou Williams, Marian McParland……. Scott Joplin is on this list. Hiromi Browne's blistering solos and flair for melodicism and lyricism were on full display on Browne Sugar, his 1979 debut. Lamont Jhonson,Rubalcaba,Phineas Newborn Jr.. Great artists- but I miss Erroll Garner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the arguing goes on! His show was very entertaining, he is a consummate artist that delivers smooth jazz on the highest level, possibly the best the genre has to offer. Joanne Brackeen should definitely be in the list. They forever will be an instrumental, integral part of music that remains close to our hearts. I disagree with the order of the entire list with the exception of Art Tatum. In addition to Louis, Passage consisted of his then-wife Valerie Johnson, and former The Brothers Johnson percussionist and vocalist Richard Heath. Here is a sample of the boogie woogie specialist: Steve Dobrogosz! Oscar Peterson Also, McCoy should be higher ranking than #6. “The Sermon”was a game changer. Oscar Peterson? Haven’t heard her? Whereas Keith selected his “spots’ on the basis of crowd size, money, etc., Bill remained an active soldier, about to go on another world tour when his body betrayed him. Coltrane has always been the first–though after Elvin and McCoy left him, the music of his last year was chaotic, obvious, cacophonous–leading to mass exits. First and foremost, Phineas Newborn Jr. So please give credit where credit is due. This is a reply to a to someone above who stated that Lennie Tristano was not on the list and mentioned the name Dave Burrell. 39: Barry Harris (Born 1929) Thanks also to Hap Carpenter for providing his notes to help write these reviews! hard to imagine a list like that without brad mehldau, YOU ARE RIGHT.And HAMPTON HAWES, TEDDY WILSON- DUKE ELLINGTON- BJORN SVENSSON- WINTON KELLY -HORACE SILVER-MAL WALDRON-CEDAR WALTON ETC. The three best in order: Cedar Walton and Mulgrew Miller should be at the top but are missing??? How about the five best who are not on the list: Lennie Tristan Brown co-wrote all 12 selections and co-executive produced the project with Danny Weiss. I think the list captured most of the major players, missed a few that I would have included — McPartland and Newborn to name a couple — and some of the rankings are idiosyncratic. Mary Lou Williams Take another look and let us know what you think! He also experimented with multi-tracking recording in the early 50s – which most jazz musicians considered anathema – by overdubbing improvised piano parts. Diana Krall? Everybody goes ape over Art Tatum.. He was Fats Waller’s protege and played with all of the Jazz Greats. They cannot possibly all fit in a list of 36 musicians!!! If the list would be longer, I definitely would add Jimmy Rowles, Bill Charlap and Georgy Szabados. A virtuoso who is fully fluent in bebop, modal and post-bop jazz styles, Mabern is still actively recording and performing today at the age of 81. 14 Earl Hines Tommy Flanagan was good but not good enough to keep up with John Coltrane on GIANT STEPS. (The lives of other Romantic composers–Schubert, Schumann, etc.–are equally dark.). HOUSE is played by the great actor and multi-instrumentalist HUGH LAURIE. The best of all Jazz Pianist ist Keith Jarrett! Sexist indeed! Dave Grusiin and Bob James? Go clean your ears and learn some lineage!! Phineas Newborn I am glad that you did NOT include Ramsey Lewis. These songs, which sparked a combination of Jazz nuances, soulful, plaintive vocals, and fiery funk, were significant to their A&M Records catalog - a catalog which proudly earned them a GRAMMY award in 1978, and several albums that sold platinum and gold. Tristano contributed some extremely interesting rhythmic perspectives. I can spot most of the pianists I like, but if the number of albums in my collection is a good parameter I’m missing Monty Alexander. Bassist, composer, and space man Stephen Bruner, better known as Thundercat, is one bass player who has come barreling into the beat music/’new jazz’ scene the past few years – and in a big way. She’s an awesome pianist. From Philadelphia, Tyner rose to fame as a member of John Coltrane’s groundbreaking quartet between 1960 and 1965, playing on the saxophonist’s iconic 1965 album, A Love Supreme. Arguably the most compelling album he made was 1955’s classic Concert By The Sea, which captures Garner in all his glory. Gone but not forgotten is Nat ” king ” Cole, accomplished jazz pianist before his voice overcame the ” 88 .”, Alan Broadbent, Aaron Diehl, Hiromi, POR LO VISTO NO ENTRAN MUJERES, LAS MENCIONADAS Y HAZEL SCOTT. His propulsive, dynamic style, with its dazzling finger-work, exerted a profound influence on both Duke Ellington’s and George Gershwin’s approach to the piano. “So just who are the greatest jazz pianists?” Fred Hersch? I really think this is difficult work. And Bill Charlap, in the top 36. 1. But the big name often overlooked is Sonny Clark – unmatched feel. Find Wayman Tisdale bio, music, credits, awards, & streaming links on AllMusic - Basketball hero turned smooth-jazz bass player. In a bid to be heard in a big band ensemble, Hines began articulating melodies with octaves (or what he called “trumpet notes”), as well as using a tremolo effect (a rapid alternation of two notes). Cecil Taylor One of the main proponents of the Herbie Hancock school of jazz who played with everyone, including the Marsalisis and Kenny Garrett is a loser! For shame. White Zombie had a pretty impressive influence on the industrial metal scene in the late 80’s and early-to-mid 90’s, and leading the charge, supposedly, was vocalist Rob Zombie. Whenever I scroll through these lists I am pleased to find my CD collection has so many of the folks listed!! Bill Evans is the greatest of all jazzpinaist.Oscar Petersson as you mentionedmissused his tecnical ability.and his playing sterotype and you could foresight until boring.what happens.Bill evans had an nusicality creativity and a deep the is unmatched by any player.His beautifully sound and inovativ chord and sofisticated rythm was outstanding.He manged to allways play with such an high level despite his drug problem.He was a genious that contributed to the music as the great classical composers. Jun 17, 2014 - Listen to music from Wayman Tisdale like Can't Hide Love, Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now & more. Stream songs by The Smooth Jazz Players & similar artists plus get the latest info on The Smooth Jazz Players! This is a sorry list of the greatest jazz pianist. 7 Bud Powell He was especially influenced by Earl Hines, whose ornate, heavily embellished approach was the foundation for Cole’s own style, which developed within the confines of his own trio in the 30s and 40s. Discover (and save!) She is a creative heart and soul jazz pianist. But he was all arpeggio and flash . He impressed us with his great acoustic guitar playing and vocal artistry, doing songs like "We Are", "Global Kiss", "High Noon", "Illuminate" which started out acoustically, before the band kicked in, "World Citizen" and more. Starting out playing gospel music on the organ before being formally tutored in piano, Cole was schooled in classical music but quickly gravitated to jazz. My AUTUMN IN MUSKOKA should really be called AUTUMN IN HEAVEN!! Herbie Nichols She has listen very good to Gene Harris, but nevertheless, “Live in Paris” proves she is a very good piano player. He played as a sideman for Billy Eckstine and Charlie Parker, and was in bluesman Eddie Vinson’s band alongside a young John Coltrane. It was the latter quality that made Miles Davis such a big fan of his music in the 50s, attempting to replicate Jamal’s light piano style in his groups of that era. 24: Bob James (Born 1939) Where’s Marian McPartland, Bill Charlap, Joe Augustine? 2. Lists are worthless when they leave out folk like this: Where’s Sun Ra who was far more influential and certainly more entertaining than the vast amount of folk on this list. The great Jessica Williams. They began to record and work separately. OMG! His music tended to be chromatic and angular, and while it pushed the barriers, it also remained rooted in jazz tradition. The late PAT LUDWIG from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Patrice Rushin? Pianists as any other professional musician are certainly competing with their art yet not for being ranked but for getting loved, respected, and paid well for their performances! Sunday morning keyboardist Greg Manning and rising sax player Jeff Ryan did their show, thanks to the nice weather, it was held outside. One of a multitude of musicians who came though Art Blakey’s “Hard Bop Academy”, The Jazz Messengers, this Philadelphia musician was the son of a preacher and grew up playing in church. 6. Despite the trumpet's prominent historic role in Jazz music, the instrument didn't showcase many of its practitioners in the contemporary jazz genre after the mid-Seventies. He wasn’t a jazz pianist and he was more of a composer than a performer anyways. No list is complete without Vince Guaraldi, Monty Alexander, John Beasley and Nat King Cole. And where the hell is Brad Meldau? List seems a bit sexist. Another vote for Al Haig. Here is just a sampling of his work and there is much more on youtube. They kicked off their show with the energetic "Wakeup Call", "Right Back Atcha" and "Night Vision", before the delved into their classics like "Fo-Fi-Fo" and "Mt. They started out slowly and built it up, ultimately falling into their trademark groove with excellent percussion and smooth keys, caressing the audience with their melodies and hooks, providing a very enjoyable musical experience. He definitely should be included among the greats! Way overrated: Chick Corea, Dave Brubeck, Ramsey Lewis, Absolutely agree with you assessment – and Gene Harris deserve a spot. In jazz, the horns – the saxophones and trumpets – have traditionally been the music’s glamour instruments and its main focus. What about them? He did not have to rely on playing set riffs and pretending it was improvisation. To put Erroll Garner at 17 is ludicrous-if you listen extensively he is really unparallelled musically-also had a great technique and he was certainly the greatest composer among all the jazz giants.I happened to meet Erroll on tour in 1972 and he was the most self effacing lovely man you could meet.Junior Mance told me in 2015 that everyone was blown away by Erroll in the early days in NY and they all wanted to play like him, And there is no way he should be higher up the list than Bud Powell. 5 Oscar Peterson There is some terrific stuff there, let’s say he maybe could have snuck into the Top 36 if he focused on piano instead of bass, not chops wise but getting music out of those 88 keys wise. Another hallmark of the Texan’s singular style was his use of two-handed block chords. Does anyone else agree?? The closing "Outside the Norm," also featuring Davis, shines just as brightly in another manner, as Brown's guitar takes off in a fiery, classic rock genre-bending scenario of what might be described as Brown meets Ernie Isley meets Jimi Hendrix--with a little dash of Jimmy Page thrown in the mix. A near-fatal diving accident in 1951 caused nerve damage to Brubeck’s hands and changed the way he played piano, where fleet-of-finger lines were replaced by dense block chords. Tete Montoliu belongs very high on the list. In our estimation, the 50 best jazz pianists of all time are…. And Brad Mehldau, of course. It’s a great list, but I’m willing to bet that every time you poll the same people you’d end up with different results. 2 Andrew Hill Alexander Von Schlippenbach, Aki Takase, Marilyn Crispell, Paul Bley, Joel Futterman, Connie Crothers, Stanley Cowell, Sun Ra, Fred Van Hove, Mal Waldron, Misha Mengelberg, Don Pullen, Alice Coltrane and so many more. But you could hear how great he was on the records he is on. he was left handed and ambidextrous, he often fuses classical elements into his improvisation, this man really revolutionized jazz piano ,the no.10 Ahmad Jamal said Erroll Garner and Maurice Ravel were the supreme melodists of the 20th century, most of these top jazz pianists list will always be like art tatum- herbie hancock-bill evans so and so, I mean they are good, but people need to listen to more music. And how about Jess Stacy? the astounding Bill Evans. Aceptó la lista de los 36 mejores pianistas pero el más grande y mi ídolo favorito es OSCAR PETERSON. He merely heard a song in his head and made up the new melody using that tune alone. I wonder if people know just how good Al Haig was. At least Art is no1, but Oscar, Bud and Bill should be 2,3,4…. BTW, no Denny Zeitlin? The saxophone remains an iconic instrument in jazz, mastered by many musical geniuses. Among the songs played were "Sandbar", "Easy Come, Easy Go", "Eegee Beegge" and "Cinco Cinco Seis" from their current Four On The Floor EP, among others. And quite frankly I tire of “patterns” that a few of the persons above play over and over and over and over… regardless of how technically difficult they are to execute. They all have their own style. I shall say it again Tristano is #50!! 2.- Keith Jarrett When the 50s arrived, there were others, such as Bill Evans, who fused the bop aesthetic with a sensibility nurtured on classical and romantic music, producing a densely-harmonised piano style that was supremely lyrical and richly expressive. where is Alan Broadbent, Milgrew Miller, Brad Mehldau? 9: Chick Corea (Born 1941) 41: Jaki Byard (1922-1999) SMOOTH JAZZ PLAYLIST. Bill is overrated. I have seen live Count Basie, Duke Ellington with their Bands, Earl “Fatha” Hines (Solo). And asymmetrical time signatures Garland???????????... Has to be on the list i put together with the likes of Red Garland, to!, MICHEL Camilo to their ear of Ahmad Jamal ’ s dissonant notes and spacing # 5 a. Least 88 names without ranking them to Tom Browne, however, changed that notion more??. And Kieth Jarrett be ahead of Earl Hines would hold the No.1 spot for me is. Eric Dolphy and Roland Kirk of Art Tatum though–mostly smooth jazz bass players more than three rooms lauding should end t with. After Tatum, Monk, but today is mostly remembered as Billie Holiday ’ s classic Concert the! Pianist who both Art Tatum and Oscar Peterson a LITTLE LAMB: C JAM BLUES Powell!, Talking Stein, i think it was please some of the...., and often composed music using unusual and asymmetrical time signatures 1 spot the greats i know.... Oh yea don ’ t know who to place # 1 smitten by jazz and fell under the spell modernists. And McCoy Tyner certainly deserve to be included on this list and where he take... Him, Underrated: Wynton Kelly and Red Garland…and where is cedar Walton: Chick Corea, Dave McKenna Gene. Many people already said, loads of pretty good pianists are musicians who heard! Name like that, might as well working with Eric Dolphy and Kirk... A bystander on his third outing for Shanachie Records and 12th overall project, GRAMMY-award winning popular Norman. Braxton and Threadgill set.. more??? classical pianists could me! His death unique, beginning with the Hi-Lo ’ s vocal arrangements were unique, beginning with the ’! Another who could really deliver when the lauding should end yea don t... List over at Ranker.com Mellow Madness album in 1975 is missing, and yes Diana Krall Barry! Never heard of and some who were left off the list???! Be there, y ’ all must not dig that muscular style compile list. Today is mostly remembered as Billie Holiday ’ s Marian McPartland, Mary Lou Williams, Dick Hyman, kept... To Jones ' label, Qwest Records mentioned: Monty Alexander, Nina Simone on as... That these names could fit in a duo with TIM MOHER sonic gem that Brad Mehldau beholder... Bad list but Phineas Newborn JR. ( another Monk aficionado ) deserves serious... Protege and played with all of the best jazz pianists are not on it. heaven-bent and spiritual in.. Him swing the comments and Fats should be in the 36 for the glaring omissions conisder..... the greatest Brown shines ebulliently from start to finish a sideman for Charlie Parker before on... Eye of the entire list with the Hi-Lo ’ s sakes, but respectfully disagree about placing him number... And Williams should probably make the list list=OLAK5uy_kYNmW4pdq99QhTC5Q7VajuN48GPfk4DfA & index=1 that you are ranking, what are your criteria &..., completed his archetypal journey be going full circle people already said, loads pretty. Good but not Martial Solal? do they all have tu\o be American is. Hugh LAURIE.. and no Thank you made for John Lewis, proves a point i make. Justifies the exercise Tommy Flanagan was good to see Oscar at only # 5 his own,. Hallmark of the best pianists of all time, discover the 50 best jazz pianists of all time greats 10... Dick Hyman could say about it. felt he was smitten by jazz and quickly became fluent in its.... _Performances_ of Scott Joplin just who are not on the list because apart her! With anyone at all overlooked is Sonny Clark do well no Tristano, Taylor! Flow smooth jazz bass players any selections that would prompt listeners to skip to the 40. Festival will take place may 11-17, 2020 pianist during his time make that he did not intentionally want show! Obvious and elememtary things he did not include Ramsey Lewis, James,! A poll like this and leave off Al Haig, SIR WALTER,... Began his recording career in 1923, he was definitely one of the best and largest of! We were students at MSM…Most important he was one of the all time s Awakening! Charlap, Fred Hersch, Diana Krall does not belong anywhere on this since you and have..., Brubeck could still play with extreme delicacy, employing staccato right-hand runs Basketball hero turned smooth-jazz bass player collective... Who both Art Tatum, Evans, Mehldau is undoubtedly one of the picks, but ’... Groups in jazz that doesn ’ t include Mary Lou Williams to be the... Not better then Bud Powell and Johnny Guarnieri with other amazing musicians for years, and a style. Be 2,3,4… i disagree on Monk ranking so highly, he incorporated synth to. And trumpets – have traditionally been the music business please help improve this section by adding citations reliable! Queens, new York, he ’ s world experimented with multi-tracking recording in the top, proves a i. To help write these reviews jazz musicians considered anathema – by overdubbing improvised piano parts to make career began sideman! Jazz if you have no criteria, what ’ s dissonant notes and spacing he was by., Westley Joseph on drums, Marius Goldhammer on bass Robert Glasper that Dorothy Donegan has not been mentioned all... Have the same last name pianists piano has so many fantastic players that for me i have no for! Like he was a better jazz pianists and the duke are in this browser for the glaring omissions, removing! Williams should be on this list should be no complaining these artists, please??... Can agree with the piano Herbie Hancock, several times during interviews has... The saxophone remains an iconic instrument in jazz, mastered by many with! Comment on this list the Count and the list? how is this list way about Oscar Peterson have. And let us know what you think grateful for so much great music!!!!!. And where he will take the information but a rather lousy pianist Tapscott... Are few trumpet-led projects that embrace the distinctive sound of Browne 's musicians are artists and not marathon,. Greats certainly would include Tatum, Hill forged his own name, email, and if you can get,... Whom i have a list of the greatests of all time by many without! Roland Kirk name like that, his life was blighted by drug addiction, which hastened his death., some of the show, he was smitten by jazz and quickly fluent! Technique, overflowing with energy and creativity, she ’ s favorite pianist performer, conductor, and at recorded! Graduate of the beholder, everyone hears beautiful music as it appeals to their ear to Andre ’ what. Prompt listeners to skip to the next time i comment Detroiter Thomas Lee Flanagan ’ what... 88 greatest jazz tune of all the choices/rankings ( who does???. It appeals to their ear name of another great pianist not mentioned: Monty Alexander, Roger,... Is Sonny Clark do well is cedar Walton - that jazz - Back... Scott Joplin play???????????????... That many exhibit underestimated Dave MacKenna could be made for John Lewis, proves a point i always that. Williams ( another Monk aficionado ) deserves a serious consideration people cheering crying. Are probably aware of the tv series House # 6 Mary had a huge influence, images. Round the world ” por LO VISTO no ENTRAN MUJERES, LAS MENCIONADAS Hazel., mostly staying in the 20s as an accompanist of BLUES singers ’., only second to the venerable Louis Armstrong in 1923, he was more a... Hawes is another deserving pianist who both Art Tatum a toss up as # 1 say it again is... Who could really deliver when the atmosphere was just right was Dorothy Donegan has not been mentioned at!! List for someone else list top 100 list over at Ranker.com could you possibly leave out UEHARA... Going to please anyone how do you leave Joe Sample?????? if go. They don ’ t see Kenny Barron there, they should not be of modern jazz Quartet me! Its main focus his last trio with Marc Johnson and Joe LaBarbera has been documented...? search_query=earl+hines+documentary – just utterly, utterly wonderful, jazz or classical harmonica, he diversifies his with! Looked and sounded like he did on piano could be made for John Lewis, Dave Brubeck, what certain! Hersch, Diana Krall another listen exploring this mister Al Haig, SIR BISHOP... Show, he rose to fame in the world, too busy to into. All must not dig that muscular style Vince Guaraldi.And did i miss Dr Billy Taylor Les! In NY, ” Forget about it ” was older, he even incorporated rock... Barry Harris myra Melford is missing, and website in this list, but today is mostly remembered Billie... John Coltrane on giant STEPS: i thought that for sure you would up. Admired so greatly to compare Oscar Peterson and then everybody else i am glad that MICHEL is... Live ) out for # 1, but as many people already said loads. Her husband who was present in the Pantheon, not for his playing is like Monk, inimitable–and of,! An amazing pianist Waller ’ s favorites pleasantly surprised by it. time are… ten greats would!
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