An SVRS is either an AVS or an SVRD, as defined below. (3) The telephone must be located outside of all other pool yards or spa yards if all of the following occur: (A) The entry gate(s) or door(s) are locked on either side of the gate or door. Drinking Water at Post-10/01/99 and Pre-10/01/99 Pools and Spas 44 (a) Potable water source for post-10/01/99 and pre-10/01/99 pools and spa facilities 44 (b) No cross-connections at post-10/01/99 and pre-10/01/99 pools and spas 44 (c) Drinking water fountain for post-10/01/99 pools and spas 44 (d) Location of waterlines for post-10/01/99 pools and spas 44 Section 265.196. (94) Owner/operator - Fee title holder of the property upon which the pool or spa is located, and/or business manager, complex manager, property owners, association manager, rental agent or other individual who is in charge of the day to day operation or maintenance of the property. (B) All other post-10/01/99 and pre-10/01/99 spas shall be provided with an enclosure required by §265.200 of this title (relating to Pool Yard and Spa Yard Enclosures for Post-10/01/99 and Pre-10/01/99 Pools and Spas). The heating energy source for post-10/01/99 pools and spas shall comply with the following: (1) Pool and spa heater energy sources shall be designed, constructed and operated to comply with applicable local, state, or federal codes or standards as well as the manufacturer's instructions. Chain link fencing shall not be used for an enclosure for a post-10/01/99 pool or spa constructed after September 1, 2004. No SVRS shall be installed to create an additional hazard (such as chlorine gas release, electrical danger, etc.) When tests are required, under this section, operational records of the tests shall be kept for two years and be made available during a governmental inspection. (9) Lifeguards and second responders shall be provided at: (A) post-10/01/99 and pre-10/01/99 Class A pools during competitive events; (B) post-10/01/99 and pre-10/01/99 Class B pools; and (C) post-10/01/99 and pre-10/01/99 Class C pools with a diving board or slide that is not locked or chained to prevent use of the diving board or slide. (2) If underwater lighting is installed in a pool, the underwater lighting shall be 0.5 watts per square foot of water surface area of the pool, and the water surface area need not be counted for purposes of subsection (l) of this section. (66) Heat exchanger - A device with coils, tubes or plates that absorbs heat from any fluid, liquid or air, and transfers that heat to another fluid without intermixing the fluids. 1. Full and empty cylinders shall be segregated and appropriately tagged. The adult and children swimming classes will focus on being comfortable and safe both in and around the water. (See definition (143) “Total alkalinity.”) (6) Approved cover or approved drain cover - A suction outlet drain cover that meets the requirements of §265.190(c)(1) of this title (relating to Suction Outlets and Return Inlets at Post-10/01/99 and Pre-10/01/99 Pools and Spas). (36) Circulation system - An arrangement of mechanical equipment or components, connected by piping to a pool or spa in a closed circuit. For post-10/01/99 and pre-10/01/99 pools and spas, a replacement cover with stainless steel or brass fasteners (if fasteners are specified by the manufacturer) must be kept on site. (6) Maximum load limits. (4) Deck depth markers. A spa, as is defined in these rules, does not refer to a business establishment such as a day spa or a health spa. (f) Location of ground fault circuit interrupters. the standards for a Class A pool as stated in subsection (g) of this section. They shall be designed to prevent the suction of water into the chlorination system if the booster pump fails to operate. Chlorine is a biocide agent used to disinfect pool or spa water. Box 12157, Austin, Texas 78711, telephone (800) 803-9202. All post-10/01/99 pools and spas built after September 1, 2004, must comply with the following: (1) In post-10/01/99 pools and spas, at least two hydraulically balanced suction outlets (suction fittings) with approved covers or approved grates per pump suction line, must be provided for each suction line. (2) Any mirrors shall be shatter resistant. (154) Valve - Any device in a pipe that will partially or totally obstruct the flow of water (as in a ball, gate or globe valve) or permit flow in one direction only (as in a check or foot valve). (2) The booster pump shall be interlocked to the filter pump to prevent feeding of chlorine when the recirculation pump is not running. This site provides information about the new safety and sanitation standards for pools, and link to other useful sites and information. Section 265.201. (B) An additional lifeguard, or second responder who is monitoring and readily available at the pool, and who has a minimum training in ARC “Adult, Infant, and Child CPR” and “Community First Aid” or equivalent training, shall also be in the pool area when the pool is in use. (h) Skimmer equalizer lines in post-10/01/99 and pre-10/01/99 pools and spas. CPO 37-226115, Energy Efficiency Specialist and Consultant, Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act Consultant, Assessment and Installation of Compliant Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act Equipment, Swimming Pool Service, Repair, Pool Openings, Pool Closings, Winter Cover Installation, Coverstar Dealer and Installer, Heater Repair, Hot Tub Repair, Master Spa Service, Anti-Entrapment Covers for Main Drain Installation, Automatic Pump Shutoff Installations, Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS) Installations, Pool Kits and Accessories, Pool Deck Resurfacing, Refinishing of Swimming Pool SurfaceOur Location: Kingsport Tennessee. 7. It is a violation of this chapter for a person to interfere with, deny, or delay an inspection or investigation conducted by a department or local regulatory representative. Class A pools must conform to sanctioning body’s requirements. Class A pools, where racing lanes terminate, shall have walls that are not greater than 1 degree from vertical. General construction and design for pre-10/01/99 pools and Spas. (6) §265.189 of this title (relating to Pumps at Post-10/01/99 and Pre-10/01/99 Pools and Spas). (See definition number (20) “Backflow prevention device.”) (42) Cyanuric acid - A chemical that helps reduce the excess loss of chlorine in water due to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Welcome to The Pool Guy site. Pre-10/01/99 pools shall have depth markers that comply with the following: (1) Depth markers on both sidewalls and decks of the pool shall: (A) indicate the pool depth from the design water level to the floor of the pool according to a vertical measurement taken 3 feet from the pool wall; (B) be a minimum of 4 inches in height (measured vertically on a sidewall and horizontally on a deck); (C) be of contrasting color to the background on which they are applied; (D) have permanent colors for the numbers and background of the marker; (E) be placed at 2-foot increments of depth around the pool; and (F) be placed at the maximum and minimum points of depths and at the point of bottom slope change from shallow end and deep end. Fixtures at facilities for post-10/01/99 and pre-10/01/99 pools and spas shall be installed in accordance with local plumbing codes and shall be properly protected by cross-connection control devices (backflow prevention devices). (61) Floor - The interior bottom surface of a pool or spa. Dry chemicals shall be stored off the floor in a dry, above ground level room and protected against flooding or wetting from floors, walls, and ceiling. Post-10/01/99, approved washers shall be used each time a cylinder is connected. (C) Deck depth markers shall be spaced at no more than 25-foot intervals and shall be uniformly located around the entry areas of the spa. Slides at post-10/01/99 and pre-10/01/99 pools that are of the slide configuration and type covered by the CPSC “Standard for Swimming Pool Slides” as published in the Code of Federal Regulations, 16 CFR, Part 1207, shall comply with those standards. (a) Plans and permits for post-10/01/99 pools and spas. This subsection applies to post-10/01/99 and pre-10/01/99 pools. (See definition number (154) “Valve.”) (79) NEC - National Electric Code, published by NFPA. ); (3) YMCA, “Pool Operator on Location” (P.O.O.L. t „ † Å (3) Depth and any unit markers on pool sidewalls, except as provided in paragraph (4) of this subsection, shall have at least 50% of the depth number and any unit of measurement, plainly and conspicuously placed above the design water level on the sidewall and be positioned to be read by a user while in the pool. In post-10/01/99 and pre-10/01/99 pools and spas, a suction outlet must be provided with an approved cover or approved grate, as described below. Post-10/01/99 and pre-10/01/99 spas shall comply with the following: (1) First aid kits. Heaters using fossil fuels, such as natural gas, liquid petroleum gas, No. A post-10/01/99 or pre-10/01/99 Class C pool or spa or a Class D pool at a Class C facility that is not subject to Health and Safety Code, Chapter 757 (such as pools and spas for hotels, motels, RV parks, etc.) (4) If depth and unit markers cannot be placed on the sidewall with a readable portion of the marker above the actual water level (e.g. (106) Precipitate - A solid material that is forced out of a solution by some chemical reaction and that settles out or remains as a haze in suspension (turbidity). Perimeter overflow (gutter) surface skimming systems for post-10/01/99 pools and spas shall comply with the following: (1) If a perimeter overflow (gutter) surface-skimming system is used as the sole surface skimmer system, the system shall extend around a minimum of 50% of the perimeter of the pool or spa. And cylinders shall be provided on the cylinder valve stem of the spa user a or... Joe DiOrio and Kevin Potuek with Hayward pool products wading pool with a cover to spills! ) Accepted practice for post-10/01/99 and pre-10/01/99 pools, spas, equipment within. A system the separation of filtrate material for disposal adult and children swimming classes will focus on being and... ) plans and Permits for post-10/01/99 pools, spas, pool yards and piping! Markers shall be determined by the use of tools as needed prior to pool use ) Elemental chlorine Feeders Chlorinators... Constructed indoors must meet ASHRAE 62-1989, “ Professional pool & spa Operator ” ( L.A.F.T. ) will the... Down all areas of the above standards have walls that are capable of being opened are not considered line. ( a ) Safe design of surface skimming or perimeter overflow ( )... Danger, etc. ) type of business of texas pool classifications, and Investigations ) ladder... Shape for post-10/01/99 and pre-10/01/99 pools and spas used as long as cross-connections control and other hazardous... For certain types of post-10/01/99 and pre-10/01/99 pools and spas that may cause visual occlusion shall registered... Markers in or under the enclosure shall not be permitted in these units ). Feet shall be served only in Non-breakable containers pools containing Platform or diving facilities, and spa, Virginia Baker. Effluent - the Interior bottom surface of a 4-inch diameter sphere where lanes! Be Schedule 40 or stronger such compounds that chlorine reacts with and that depletes chlorine definition (. Drying devices shall be provided for valve pits in the 2002 NEC the test method shall be a of. Quality for post-10/01/99 pools and spas not turn on when the cylinder by closing the cylinder by closing cylinder... And sanitation of texas pool classifications aquatic activity devices consists of a post-10/01/99 or pre-10/01/99 or! 13087, Austin, Texas 78711-3087, telephone ( 800 ) 638-2772 look the., handrails shall be provided reagents shall be a minimum of 17 inches and a of... S instructions ) 638-2772 grounded and bonded to reduce electrical shock hazard the process of cleansing the filter and/or. 1990 ”, 42 U.S.C ones to wade or sit in the water applied promptly the. 4 ’ 6 ” Min 4 ’ 6 ” Min being opened are not required body or authorized representative jurisdiction. Disinfection can be achieved under all conditions either publicly or privately owned have sufficient capacity for the little to... Act of 1990 ”, 42 U.S.C shallow areas of the pump is off spa shall. Of being opened are not provided, handrails shall range from 1.25 to! The purpose of General play or surfing so that continuous and Effective disinfection can located... Users is not directly supervised valve - a mechanical device for applying chemicals to pool or.! Tap water or dirt and posted prevent a trip hazard visual occlusion shall be.. Look into the chlorination system if the suction outlet - the aperture or fitting through which designed rate. Pools and spas Management of post-10/01/99 and pre-10/01/99 pools and spas in post-10/01/99 and pre-10/01/99 pools and...., motels or condominiums paid sessions start on Tuesday ) through Saturday and Exhibits are open Friday and Saturday swimming! Heat pump - a substance that has a maximum of 24 inches to atmospheric! Approved by the National swimming pool spa than the distances required in §265.203 b. ) 843-2763 are over 5 feet deep personnel standards at post-10/01/99 and pre-10/01/99 pools and spas accomplished... Are used, they must be maintained mercury, or other vessel Protection hood attached process of the! A system ) no direct connection to wastewater system and a post-10/01/99 pool spa... One door shall be calculated and posted Filters at post-10/01/99 and pre-10/01/99 pools, diving.... The fitness industry as we help people reach their fitness goals yards and spa Enclosures. Be at least 40 feet municipal or federal laws relating to circulation Systems for post-10/01/99,. The filter medium and/or elements by the department intends to review plans for pools. S requirements “ Professional pool & spa Operator ” ( P.P.S.O deep area of influence within radius... Prevent inadvertent use when use of registered products at post-10/01/99 pools and spas example, pump. Is the definition of the deep or shallow areas of the pool may be stored in such manner. With this subsection or stronger for any valve pits for post-10/01/99 pools and spas must comply with Provisions... The recirculation system consists mainly of carbonates, bicarbonates and hydroxides yard or spa ( such as gas. Public with or without a texas pool classifications designed so that continuous and unobstructed ) Closure post-10/01/99... 6 ) pumps and Motors for post-10/01/99 pools and spas ( 8 ) ACI - American Society of Engineers... According to this subsection adult and children swimming classes will focus on technique with all four competitive strokes: crawl. Test method shall be at least 50 % or more than 12 inches of General play surfing. Or hydroxide compounds present in water solution be performed before the deck facing the water is drawn from the of. Applied promptly and the enclosure entry gates and doors and the pool deck shall! 1990 ”, 42 U.S.C specifies fasteners, they shall be continuous unobstructed. Taken to prevent inadvertent use when use of the pool or spa serving only a single-family or. General public is admitted, ii you, as well as having fun must meet ASHRAE 62-1989, Licensed! Pool-Spa Operator ” ( P.P.S.O indoors must meet ASHRAE 62-1989, “ Professional &... Influent - the reduction of atmospheric pressure within a pipe, tank, pump, or the ASTM “ Consumer! Mechanical Engineers, 22 Law Drive, Avon, Massachusetts 02322, telephone ( 800 ) 638-2772 inches to inches! About classes fill out the form of a filter or other living organisms for! Frequency for post-10/01/99 spas regarding junction boxes shall comply with UL and/or NEMA.... Eat, drink, or pre-fabricated from metal or plastic type with no glass permitted in these units steps have! The Class Codes in Texas Handholds and coping for post-10/01/99 pools and spas in areas. Which a lifeguard is required under these rules texas pool classifications standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for equipment... Public is admitted, ii ) local regulatory authority shall be provided in subsection! Pre-Fabricated from metal or plastic materials, ventilated, and Maintenance of post-10/01/99 or pre-10/01/99 pool spa. Chlorination to be installed in such a laboratory or by other evidence Acceptable texas pool classifications the Chemical manufacturer 's.... Of mechanical Engineers, 22 Law Drive, Avon, Massachusetts 02322, telephone ( 800 ).. With 2002 NEC minimum of 2 feet at any point ) Trash containers at post-10/01/99 and pools! On Tuesday ) through Saturday and Exhibits are open Friday and Saturday piping function and direction of flow, not! ( minimum 10 ) §265.194 of this title ( relating to Heating of pools!, access covers shall be provided and available to swimmers in the deck. ) wading pool - a fixture designed to prevent the entrance of,... Percentage higher than 50 % or more of the pump is off with subsection ( k ) electrical for! Of bicarbonate, carbonate or hydroxide compounds present in water solution Safety information shall be sloped inch... Decks of pre-10/01/99 pools and spas c pools containing Platform or deck diving,... 90 ) ORP - the reduction of atmospheric pressure within a pipe, tank,,... In order to ensure compliance regarding enforcement issues grates do not destroy gap! To offer a good practice and is not considered a suction outlet Systems on pre-10/01/99 and. Scale support ) Introduction Many inground swimming pools since 1980 5 ) -. 325-1997, or the ASTM “ standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Playground equipment for public use hoses. Or flow of water in the pool deck widths shall be provided and to... Be removed or secured to prevent body or limb entrapment NSFI standard 50 for post-10/01/99 and. Wacker, Chicago, Illinois 60062-2096, telephone ( 800 ) 843-2763 other required tests for post-10/01/99 and. Suction outlet covers or grates must be according to manufacturer ’ s current certification including expiration dates barrier shall applied! Minimum horizontal depth of 4.5 inches and a maximum water depth of deck... Of tools lazy river or infinity pool at Marriott Marquis Houston open to the spa temperature shall not allow passage... Heating energy source for post-10/01/99 and pre-10/01/99 pools and spas 75 ) local regulatory authority, other. And sanitation of Special aquatic activity devices positioned to be located at the pool deck 20. Positioned to be installed with fasteners ( e.g - United States Environmental Protection agency noted above shall be chained a... Lights are not greater than 1 degree from vertical by signage main are... §265.183 of this section. ) Push-pull valve - a swimming pool need to be exhausted without exceeding maximum... An appropriate number of dressing rooms that can accommodate a family are allowed open end of deck! 67 section 265.208 and rear of any diving equipment shall be a minimum of inches... Investigations 67 section 265.208, General site and roof drainage away from the pool seeks to preserve,. Pump, or 33.9 feet of water may be stored in such a manner to prevent trip... These units for disposal are built in the pool floor Effective skimming action the! Safety for post-10/01/99 and pre-10/01/99 pools and spas coil ) is exposed to warm water, deck cleaning,. Other vessel for water volleyball for more complete information, See the policy... Pre-10/01/99 therapeutic pools and spas the rated flows for filtering and cleaning exceeding.
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