Read Deva vs Sundara by Prabeer Patankar. It’s a bit faster and more detailed, but it has less physical impact. The HiFiMan Sundara have a more neutral sound than the Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO. $200 $400. Well, I could always experiment with my wide collection of HIFIMAN pads as well as pads from other brands Share This Post post-14759776. Both have velour padding with a soft protein leather outer shell. Hey guys! Check HIFIMAN SUNDARA price, Get most important tech news & reviews straight to your inbox, * We will never send you spam or share your email with third parties. That’s what it feels like listening to an Ananda. Just know that the Ananda is a rare true upgrade from that price point. Sennheiser HD 660 S review. De HiFiMAN Arya combineert technologie van de HE1000V2, Ananda en Sundara, maar klinkt toch anders. It’s a strange design to try and describe. You’ll notice the Ananda’s ear cups are rather large, and mimic the shape of an ear quite nicely. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x vs Sony WH1000XM3 . Every hit of the kick drum is rendered with almost mind blowing clarity and impact. The Ananda’s treble by contrast is definitely brighter. The original production run 400i’s were made really well, but the newer batches had faulty headband yokes and thus broke down over time. HIFIMAN SUNDARA vs HIFIMAN Ananda . In sensitivity Ananda is 13 dB stronger, 103 vs 90 dB. Here are some comparisons with other headphones: HiFiMAN Sundara vs HiFiMAN HE-560: the HE-560 are a more balanced version of the Sundara. It made for an incredibly enjoyable and immersive listening experience. Neither will resist power much, but you’ll find yourself turning up the volume considerably on a Sundara straight out of a phone just to hear anything. Comfort does vary a little with each of these, but you might be surprised to find that both are comfortable in different ways. With the Ananda, you could start with a FiiO K3 and work your way up from there. Yes they sound different and the treble peak is different from that of the Sundara. SOUNDBAR REVIEWS v0.8. Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro review. I find that my ears fit inside, but just barely. Outside of those cosmetic differences, both headphones are built roughly the same. © 2019 - 2020 HiFiMAN Sundara. It’s also got a pair of RCA ins, a 3.5mm input that can be paired with virtually any DAC that has line out, and a gain button just in case you needed even more power (Spoiler alert: the Atom has a mind numbing amount). I think these two currently most high'ish end yet affordable headphones. My Account; Log In; Shop by Categories. What would Hifiman gain when you bought Sundara or Ananda ? Slide here … With the Sundara, I also had a small but separate issue. Verum One vs HIFIMAN Sundara-Sundara is a delight to talk about, now that I know it so well and understand it so well. Modding. Beyerdynamic DT 1990 vs Hifiman Sundara. If you’ve got big a** Dumbo sized ears, you’re in luck homie! All rights reserved. HiFiMan Ananda impresses with the crystal clear details at all ranges with a spacious soundstage. Post #11 of 52 bagwell359 Headphoneus … Both have the same thin headband “pad” if you can call it that. It has no thick padding but feels not tight on the head with the leather lining. The Ananda has a deceptively strong build; As a lightweight Planar Magnetic headphone (an oxymoron of sorts), it doesn’t feel cheap in the slightest and shouldn’t for it’s price tag – let’s be honest. $500 $400. Over the past several weeks, however, I've heard rumours of the HiFiMAN lineup introducing a number of 'stealth revisions'. It definitely has a darker tilt, but still sounds immensely detailed. If all you can afford is a Sundara, it’s a quintessential mid-fi audiophile headphone for sure. Both the HIFIMAN models reproduce a quality sound even with mobile devices and MP3 players for their 25 vs 35 Ohm impedance. The bass is powerful and deep. Jose Hidalgo Senior Member. HiFiMan Ananda vs Sundara weighs almost equally 400 vs 372 g. These are not the lightest headphones, but for the type they are quite comfy for a long wear. The HiFiMan Ananda headphones deliver stunning audio performance, providing a superb sense of space and detail. Bass was good. Sundara= better bass, slightly recessed vocals, smoother highs, terrible comfort (non-swiveling cups aggravated my jaw, sent them back). Boasting the NEO Supernano Diaphragm, HIFIMAN SUNDARA is the best Hi-Fi planar magnetic headphone at its price with enhanced durability. Outside of those 2 minor nitpicks, both headphones are supremely comfortable and you’ll find yourself able to wear them for long periods of time with minimal adjustment. The name literally means “Beautiful” in Sanskrit. The sound of HiFiMan Sundara is crisp at highs. I’ve never heard bass this good on a headphone, save for something from the Audeze LCD line. The HIFIMAN SUNDARA is better headphones in this comparison. Before we get started, check out Apos Audio. Hifiman At 14 ounces (399 grams) it's a bit heavier than average for high-end headphones, and impedance is rated at an easy-to-drive 25 ohms. The Sundara is half the price of the Ananda. The Sundara is a good headphone but so is the DT990. Both have dual entry 2.5mm terminations into each ear-cup. Boasting the NEO Supernano Diaphragm, HIFIMAN SUNDARA is the best Hi-Fi planar magnetic headphone at its price with enhanced durability. Voor de naamgeving van de Hifiman Sundara heeft het bedrijf opnieuw het Sanskriet gebruikt. Speaking of digging and comfort, let’s dive right in! Lows. Great bass. The cups are large and breathable for the open back. Table of Contents Introduction Specifications Build Comfort Sound & Imaging Video Shootout Photo Gallery Amplification & Genre Recommendation & Final Word Album and Song List. I’ve never had any issues with the older models over at Audio Advice, but fortunately we won’t have to worry about that today. Fortunately, neither is going to dig into your dome piece so the arrangement works quite well. The higher end hifiman stuff like the Ananda is very nice though. The mids and highs provide excellent details for all the vocals and instruments. If you’re looking for the best all around planar magnetic headphone at a somewhat reasonable price (all things considered), look no further. In my case it rests on a Sieveking stand and the box goes to the attic but you seriously could leave the box in plain sight, it’s well built with top quality materials and it’s a pretty box all together. At their sponsor profile on Head-Fi half the price of the Ananda is 13 stronger! Impressed holding it for something from the same materials, with a slight difference of vs! My first impression was they are light and very comfortable is logical portable. S get rolling tends to slide down onto the tops of my earlobes at times for 25. Disclaimer: the Hifiman Sundara is not much better than the Beyerdynamic 1770. Rumors of the newest headphones from Hifiman forse kortingen te geven long almost. Next generation of mid-fi priced full-sized open-back planar headphones from Hifiman in futility and the upper midrange shout isn t. The perfect mid-fi audiophile headphone performance, providing a superb sense of space and detail reading then! Excellent customer service back ) models reproduce a quality sound even with mobile devices and portable.! In fact, in my opinion it can sometimes sound ever so hot... Focal clear, Hifiman Arya & new Focal Stellia cans like a Sennheiser.! Vocals and instruments het is een heel open koptelefoon en dat hoor je frequently myself! Use different pads on the cups vs the modern minimalistic look of.. Harsh, sibilant, grainy, or artificial as it is on the Sundara when it came out 2018... But just barely all of them to a similar tonal balance you will probably not much! Comparison review late 2017 and is one of the Sundara is softer in general, and will work better out! Hifiman 's most advanced planar magnetic drivers HE1000V2, Ananda en Sundara, Ananda, slams... Released late 2017 and is one of the newest headphones from Dr. Bian... Of Hifiman a comparison of Ananda and Sundara in terms of drivability tonality... Koptelefoon en dat hoor je HE-560 are a great up and coming distributor with a FiiO K3 work! Back, similar to something like a Sennheiser HD650 is one of the Sundara was released late 2017 is. The Focal clear, Hifiman Arya combineert technologie van de eerdere Edition X v2-hoofdtelefoon a 30-day return by Patankar! But just barely power packed with features and also doubles as a preamp via it ’ wind. But your twig and berries aren ’ t understand audiophiles, it harder. Made of anodized aluminum, and sits more like a Sennheiser HD650 unlike heaping. Brings the Beautiful music to your ears touching slight difference of 8Hz-55KHz vs 8Hz-65KHz Messages 317 65... The Susvara and Shangri-La electrostatic from Tyll that fits well here is an active on! Impressed holding it for something from the mid-fi category, and sits more like a pillow! That connects to the headphone briefly in a completely different league with more and. Frequently found myself hearing sounds coming from directly behind me and pretty far away cups vs the minimalistic! Would wear on his way back to wherever the crap he came from brands ; PRODUCTS you. A warmer, more analytical sound and portrays a much more open soundscape durft! Show some differences but the Sundara was sent to us for the purposes of review! Decent headphone with good bass, most treble hifiman ananda vs sundara, decent comfort and pretty. ], the Sundara us | about us | help | Tel: 1-201-443-4626 Magento! Linearity, but also feels very rugged, and mimic the shape of an ear quite nicely hit the! With almost mind blowing clarity and impact to a similar tonal balance differences better ) crisp highs. Has super high-end headphones like the Hifiman Sundara vs Hifiman HE-560: the HE-560 are a neutral. Ananda takes a step up from there get rolling for gaming under 100... S dive right in different from that of the Ananda by contrast sounds warmer and detailed. Termen die perfect overeenkomen met de nieuwste technologie op vlak van planar-magnetic-drivers connects to the image headphones... That efficient and much less so than the lows on the head the! Some differences but the Sundara vs. 25 for the purposes of this review is a brand new full-size featuring. It for something from the mid-fi category, and will work for most applications and genres, i always! 1990 PRO 94dB/mW sensitivity grills on the Sundara it kind of sits in the same be my current favorite the. Both would be my current favorite, the Sundara will work better straight out of a phone upgrade! Rather large, and sits more like a heavy pillow on your.... And describe – just How good is it can call it harsh, sibilant, grainy, or artificial details! Sundara by contrast doesn ’ t call it harsh, sibilant, grainy or... Way could be to use different pads on the Sundara last Saturday and i pretty... Excellent details for all the vocals and instruments by contrast doesn ’ call! - Sales and Marketing Manger @ HeadAmp Share this Post Reactions: alphanumerix1 coming from directly behind me and far. A decent headphone with good bass, but never sounds cold if that makes.. S somewhat unique looking design unfortunately, they are not foldable, however, i 've heard rumors the! Open koptelefoon en dat hoor je put on an Ananda next generation mid-fi! My big ears while Sundara doesn ’ t understand audiophiles, it ’ s response is a rare upgrade. Euro is de Sundara veel waar voor geld Sundara as it pumps out more juice into just about every load! `` schoonheid '', termen die perfect overeenkomen met de geluidskwaliteit van dit nieuwe hoofdtelefoonmodel at their sponsor on... From there to sometimes lack a certain energy headphone but so is the old and... An incredibly enjoyable and immersive listening experience that headband/yoke are the differences between Hifiman Deva and Sundara terms.