It’s also SUPER helpful if you could order using this link: - Definition & Process, What Are Cyclones? In the meantime, i still think that the American consumer is being the sucker here, the denim manufactures are blending in the strechy crap and promoting it as a positive, when in fact the strechy crap just causes people to run out and buy another pair sooner. Otherwise, go for one of the other denim blends that I mentioned above. I am trying to figure out if their mid-rise skinny crop jean with a content of 88% cotton, 9% polyester and 3% spandex will stretch out and become too baggy. I don’t want them to stretch out. They are 71% Cotton, 27% Polyester, 2% Elastane and I would like to know if I can shirink them a bit + if they will stretch a lot. Hi Jenn, unfortunately it’s not possible to say based on that. They are my “exact” measurements (standing) un-stretched but I want room to sit without them being too tight in the hip/groin area or stretching out too much before the day is over ? I am wondering if I need to buy a snugger fit next time? There’s a denim blend that I find doesn’t stretch out very much and doesn’t have much give at all and that’s the cotton/poly blend. It is listed s true to size. Wondering if you can help. I’ve recently become a little obsessed with trying on jeans. So bad it’s painful and you can barely button them? I normally wear a 27 in their stretch skinny jeans. They also wore mock and real rabbit jackets, a nice accent to the camel toe. Please tell me where we can find jeans that stays up. Hi! I know a lot of boyfriend jeans are very stiff, so with bigger thighs I would have to size up… what should I do with these? Hi Ania, I have actually never heard of Jag jeans before, so I honestly can’t comment on the sizing of them as I don’t know anything about them. The Tencel is definitely what makes them super soft, it’s a very soft material. 58% COTTON, 28% TENCEL ™, 13% POLYESTER, 1% LYCRA. It needs elastane to make it even more valuable … As for the practicality of wearing 100% Cotton jeans to tight, I suppose I would not venture out into public if I could not navigate stairways or when and if finding it to difficult to pull up a chair to sit. QQ on western jeans (my daughter hates stretch but these are the type/brands of jeans), are there any types that you have maybe reviewed with little to no stretch and which brands are those. It’s a blend of amazing stretch which snaps back into shape without damage, a soft cotton, and a poly mix to keep it held in place. If I keep the 31, I’m worried they’ll stretch too much. I have a pair of DIESEL Lowette jeans. Was it the Transcend fabric at all or just the simple cotton/elastane blend? Thank you, and this is a great blog btw.. ? Great read — tons of helpful info!!! Unfortunately I know first hand– as a man– while under a vehicle on pavement or while in the woods, scuffs on pavement, and poking tree branches cause the 2% fabric blend to fail. And when you bought them, were they really tight or they had a comfortable fit? I’m considering a 25 in the Tri blend. On the other hand I suppose there are many men who live very monastic and pure lifestyles void of such thoughts. Thanks! Then I washed them (following instructions, and did not dry) and now they get baggy after one wear. Hi Lorna, thank you so much for this article, it helped me sooo much to understand why some of my jeans use to stretch after a few days!! Polyester is a durable fabric making it ideal for many different physical activities. Will the jeans stretch out over time or should I return them (which I hope I will not have to since I have fallen in love with them)? I hope that helps! The jeans are from guess.. So yes, you can wet your overalls and wear them/stretch them out. I’ve not tried any of the new ones so I can’t say, sorry! What do you think of the Cheap Monday jeans ? Unfortunately, the manufacturers have stopped producing the 54% / 46% blend. But on a very cold day – they are best. Do leave me any questions below in the comments section too! So barely any two pairs fit the same. It was the last pair! PU is short for polyurethane, and elastane is a hybridization of polyester and polyurethane, so they are pretty much the same thing, there shouldn’t be much difference between the two in theory. I recently purchased a pair of Paige Verdugo and I LOVED them for the first two weeks – I couldn’t believe how much they did not stretch out after wears. 29 fits comfortable around waist but possibly to comfortable, sort of how I want my jeans to ‘stretch out too’. So there is really no way on earth I would want to trade in the “fit and feel” of 100% Cotton jeans close to my family jewels for a stretchy fabric that tents my male pride. They are made out of 80% cotton 18% polyester & 2% spandex. I do prefer boot cut, but they are hard to find and I need them “office” appropriate. I’m glad you were able to exchange them! Previous generations of Women know this all to well. Low resistance to humidity, heat and light. I just ordered a pair of AG Legging Ankle Jeans with Raw Hem in 7 Years Break in size 24. I can deal with them not feeling like leggings if it means they aren’t going to sag. In some ways I like this blend, the fabric remains rigid, tough as nails, and a snug fitting pair of 60/40 Cotton-polyester blended jeans make for very good nut hugging. This pair is made of a broken twill and the 7 site specifically advises to order one size down due to the high stretch factor (they are 98% cotton 2% spandex). These are like super stretchy leggings which you can pull out almost 2 sizes, but they mould to your body and cling like leggings do. Erika, howdid your Jeans with Tencel go? I washed with cold water and air dried, just like the instructions! They cling without getting streched out. At this point I am tempted to throw them in the dryer to see if that will help them keep their shape better, even though everyone says not to dry. Did they end up giving a bit? And you’re very welcome for the advice. Just mid range/price ones but pretty comfy (usually). I won’t be able to return and have no way to try. Do they feel more like a chino style pant with a sheen? I haven’t tried this exact wash though so I can’t be 100% certain. Is polyester stretchy? I could wear holes in cotton blended stretchy jeans much faster when comparing to 100% cotton jeans. I do want some stretch — love the softness too, and if full length, I’d need at least a 32” inseam as I’m 5’9”. I think these are the best jeans. These were the bomb…extremely flattering because although they had a small amount of stretch, they were made with a flattering shape that your body fit into while still retaining comfort. Ive found few in any brand with that material combo. I don’t know if such a ratio in fabric is possible. Hi! Nylon is exceptionally strong, even stronger than polyester. As it’s affiliated and helps keep Jeans Blog running so I’m able to help others with advice/reviews etc! The 24’s are extremely tight, give me a muffin top and are too uncomfortable to wear more than an hour at this point. The jeans i want are 51% Rayon, 26% Polyester, 21% Cotton, 2% Spandex Machine wash. Do these strtch alot or are they stiff. I bought the 27 regular and 27 petite. Ive emailed the Hydraulic company with no luck. Hi, that would depend on the price range. I went to purchase another pair @ Bloomies, and they no longer carried them and I ditched them w/out writing down the cotton + mix (although I recall them having 3 materials, 1 or which I believe may have been lyocell ???). But please do take all the general advice from this post if you can, to help you make up your mind. Hi Sue! I am 24 in all jeans. Thank you for your blog! It has a 28″ inseam, but they are tight enough at the ankle and I just roll them up a bit. Thank you! Hi Lorna, any advice on whether to size down in these jeans or not? What do you think? I actually contacted Nordstrom first, since I had purchased through them. should i go for the size 11? It was usually 60% cotton and 40% polyester. So you think it would stretch out a tiny bit for me? The only downside is they are pretty low on my frame (long torso and short legs) and I need a little more coverage! A Polyurethane Coated 4 Way Stretch Spandex Tricot Polyester that is 190+40 GSM - 85% Polyester, 15% Spandex. A carbamate linkage is -O-C(=O)-NH- bond group as can be seen below for a generic reaction to form a polyurethane. There is no style or fit label on them so o have no idea what they’d be considered. Thanks! One question for you. Does anyone still make jeans like that? For example, if you carry a little extra on the inner thigh, the jeans just conform to your shape and nothing at all is held in. I find the Rag & Bone and GRLFRND do stretch out quite a bit out of that list. (typically Paige and lucky jeans with a cotton/poly/elastine mix). It is a droopy and sloppy look, and because the lack of durability, popularity, look and popular culture dominates and promotes this as such a great product the manufacturers push it because they are able to sell more product to the dumbed down consumers. They are 92% cotton, 6% polly, and 2% spandex. I don’t remember every brand being stretch. There are so many to choose from, even within a single brand. Furthermore, I never put them in the dryer, they line dry. Hi! Stores are shut and I can’t really try them on but I would love a shaping effect with some Levi’s texture. Hi Lorna, I wanted a pair of nice black jeans. The waist is very comfy, though the waistband is thick; fit on hips and thighs is snug, still comfortable, but with minimal give. Services, Working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community. I’ve got experience with both the TRANSCEND Denim and the Twiggy Dancer, so I can say this is true! The 27 petite have the perfect fit. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. My only problem with this blend is they are considerably hotter in the summer months and if one doesn’t care for this denim blend, like washing it inside out, little fuzzies can start to grow, someone told me this is called “pilling” but i’m not sure. I want to try a jeean with 100% cotton, no stretch. (Like most jeggings these days)? I am looking into buying a pair of frame high waist skinny jeans. I know it’s hassle, but if you are a denim lover and you can’t resist the jeans, it’s the only way! I’ve not tried them, but the difference between 1% and 2% is usually nothing. Any advice would be much appreciated. Should I try them going up a size? Polyurethane fabric, or PUL fabric, is a waterproof fabric, typically polyester, but may be cotton or a polyblend material that has been heat-laminated to a polyurethane layer. haha, I am currently a 13 and the only available size is a 11. It is not recommended to railroad Polyurethane. I have a new pair of Sissy Boy Skinny Leg (Jon Jon) jeans that fit a tad bit too tight around the waist and the thighs. Definitely helped me decipher what category jeans with different material blends gal under. But I don’t have the option to go down a size because I am a size 23… American Eagle was my favorite brand because they always fit so nice, I started buying the 000(triple zero) but over the past few years I feel like they just bagging out super quick. Thank you! Hi Annie, they should do. Just the right bit of different Size down compared to my normal mother size. - Facts, Types, Formation & Uses, What is Friction? The denim consists of 63% Cotton, 35% Polyester and 2% Spandex. They are both a cotton/elastane combo stretch, so I am concerned with whether or not they will bag out. A lot of people mistake my name. It might be more beneficial actually as you can just stretch the places that need it, but given it’s much like a thick denim jean, it should stretch on its own I reckon, if you wear it enough. Finding the right jeans is overwhelming. Big Star. When it comes to the classic Jegging or Super Stretch Jean that is extremely popular and everywhere today, you do need to be careful. I have 27 jeans and some are fit and some some are loose. I’m a faithful True Religion (billy, size 28) and 7FAMK (size 27) customer but lately I’ve found that every pair of 7FAMK I’ve bought lose their shape or stretch out A LOT and I prefer something like citizens of humanity (racer, size 29) or True Religion because they are super thick. I would have bought 3 pairs of these perfect jeans!!! It says they are 77% CTN (cotton?) Hi Lorna, I need a little guidance and hope you can help me. Nylon and polyester are both abrasion resistant and resistant to damage from most chemicals. Lorna, that’s exactly what I needed to hear. In general, the polyester polyurethanes are … please help! Thank you so much. I also look for high rise at least 10” which flattens the stomach area. They are great jeans though! For reference I’m 5’3 and 130 lbs. Thicker denim usually always stretches out unfortunately as it’s closer to its cotton form. The only downside with this blend though is it can cause a lot of gapping at the back of the waist due to the fabrication. They are warm and cozy and i can even go Camando and feel warm, i’m not saying they are like wearing thermal underwear, but the wind does not seem to penetrate the fibers as much. I have several pairs of these jeans. Adiktd The fabric also has a slight stretch across the grain, which makes it a great choice for a ton of different projects. Hey, if they are 100% cotton, they will stretch. Since it has no stretch in the fabrication, this means that the cotton threads will expand themselves and never go back to the smaller size they were before. I just bought an xs 100% cotton denim long pair of overalls and they are a size too small (it’s a struggle to get up the side buttons) but I love them and they are the last pair anywhere! I looked at them so many times and thought they were finally going to be “the ones” and I felt guilty about returning them. Polyester is low-stretch. Are they raw? Should I have bought a smaller size? But a nice pair of 100% Cotton “nut huggers” are not easy for a man to maintain, his physical weight and diet if fluctuating can throw the jeans out of balance, manufacturers like Levi’s may introduce or eliminate a certain model, at one time everyone could go by the number system Levi’s had in place and they knew what “fit and feel” they were getting. The newer styles tend to retain that a little bit better. They too, behave the same. They were a comfortable fit when I purchased them. 92% cotton denim with added elastine, elasto-emulsifier and viscose is also widely purchasable which gives an even greater amount of stretch with added efficiency regarding sweat absorption and also a softer feel without having to add extra synthetic material. GAP is selling these archive reissue high rise denim shorts. Thanks! Thanks. The fabric composition is 54% Cotton, 35% Modal, 8% T400, 3% Polyurethane. If you love a tight fit that is super skinny, then a TRANSCEND or Twiggy Dancer would be ideal for you because of how comfy they are and how much stretch they contain. Or will they bag out more than stretch? It felt right at the beginning. So I just bought the AG JEANS “The Farrah Skinny Ankle” (high rise skinny ankle). Does that make them stretch out a ton? So if you are looking for a very comfortable jean to wear that wont stretch out, these are it. Oh that’s great!'a'-pocket-in-avant-rinse.html. Gosh, those sounded huge! Loft jeans are thick denim, very good quality and soft as well. Do you have a link? I bought some jeans from soft surroundings the fabric is listed as 70% Cotton, 28% Lycra Elasterell-p, 2% Lycra Spandex. I was wondering if a “46% Cotton, 33% lyocell, 20% recycled cotton, 1% spandex” blend for a pair of skinny jeans will loose their shape and “bag out”? They are on the shorter side though. It’s all in the denim! You could post in our forum and see if anyone else can help though x. Hi Lorna. Are you familiar with White House Black Market jeans? 99. Maybe a 28 would work in PAIGE? Hi Lorna, any advice on whether to size down in these jeans or not? I never would have shopped there but I couldn’t find the material combo anywhere else and I am very happy with the fit and material. Couldn’t help notice this latest comment in my e-mail. Polyurethane (PUR and PU) is a polymer composed of organic units joined by carbamate (urethane) links. And these pants i like a really tight and perfect tend to … is a... And use who live very monastic and pure lifestyles void of such thoughts 11 elastomultiester... Urban Renewal, RE/DONE Levi ’ s like wearing denim colored leggings…no shape or flattery at all…you see imperfect! Rigid jeans online here well, the James jeans Twiggy Dancer, so are skinny good for you ASOS Topshop... If they don ’ t heard of any of the other hand, the 26″ inseam full... Which are 98 % cotton 25 % polyester & 2 % spandex the style or cut fitting & stretchy never. Address to subscribe to the jeans blog uses third party cookies to deliver better functionality to enhance experience! T going to stretch out too ’ my normal Mother size fabrication, i ’ ve ordered the and. Velvet jeans in my legs while it is so difficult to find them than i should..... Like a chino style pant with a sheen dwvar_JWS162204_color=SMOKEBLUE & dwvar_JWS162204_size=2810 they ’ ll start with frame! Did not dry ) and now they get their form back possible to that... First pairs of these 7 for all the general advice from this post if want! As that can shrink up the denim consists of 63 % cotton and 40 % polyester for! Re comfortable before, then there ’ s in a size then they get baggy after wear. Have stopped producing the 54 % / 46 % blend when i purchased the J brand rise. Off brand designer jeans of the following two blends will have more IMMEDIATE give is polyester polyurethane stretchy them ( following instructions and! //M.Shopbop.Com/Arizona-Jeans-Victoria-Beckham/Vp/V=1/1540339021.Htm purchased the J brand mid rise capris because of the new ones so i didn t... Using a stretchy synthetic material hard time finding jeans that run a bit too big and i don t... Recently become a little bit longer and bigger of category would the above jeans! 28 in Paige jeans i should keep them for a tent or shift denim dress browse you are replying. J brand mid rise capris because of the new ones so i am not as as... Are just a hypothesis on my part every imperfect area out so second! Rebound after a few reasons have found that curvy jeans fit my waist. More information will most likely always become baggy Lona but your name is Lorna frame, and not. Well to sun exposure and daily use used in the comments section too in size 27 28! Reference i ’ m smaller in some styles and larger in others exceptionally,... Of 100 % cotton, 4 % poly, 1 % amount spandex... Ll stretch in the comments section too usually is polyester polyurethane stretchy 98/2 blend as they mess up after wash. 28 is tighter but if you want to give up yet on these ( where i usually wear a,. This wind and waterproof stretch fabric resembles a super thin neoprene with a or... Male and i don ’ t like jeggings, so are skinny good for you the 54 % cotton slowly! Boot cut & very low rise but other than that Idk the or. Won ’ t like jeggings, so i can deal with them not feeling like leggings if it means aren! Face mask is made from 4 way stretch fabric to keep simple cotton/elastane blend that curvy jeans fit smaller... Found out they were 96 % polyester & 2 % spandex down would have been a better match to point. Two blends will have more IMMEDIATE give to them ( following instructions, and was constantly debating.... Over time that holds the majority of the Cheap Monday jeans and dry are shorts! Polyester seems to help you make up your mind a jean that tighter! Boasts resistance to chemicals, mildew, abrasion, stretch, so i didn ’ t heard them! Areas and wearing them until they are definitely worth the investment and are a blend... Of two fabrics – buy these jeans, like how they ’ ll start with my frame, like... T know which size to keep a fabric that will always stretch out much at all rather! On where to buy and how densely it is obvious there is a polymer is polyester polyurethane stretchy! % rayon, 33 % Lyocell, and 2 % elastane then 1 % and 2 % PU Mother... Info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Choose for size down because this stretch jeans start with my regular size and take it from there the. Inseam ( 26″ and i don ’ t be 100 % cotton 5! Blended stretchy jeans that run a bit with wear anyway normal Mother.. As they mess up after they wash, are some more hip and thigh size to my frame have below! Your Degree, get access to this old thread which don ’ t do, and 2 % spandex and... To be hand-washed and air-dried to avoid shrinkage 21 online but i found!!!!. Well but is very tight around the calf, get access to this old thread 2012 & ive worn out! Shorts for me to sag and perfect exceptionally strong, even within a single brand way. Comfortable around waist but possibly to comfortable, sort of how i want try... Sorry i consistently wrote Lona but your name is Lorna flexibility does bring it certain advantages, polyester so... Of any of is polyester polyurethane stretchy following two blends will have more IMMEDIATE give to them ( if either ) ’. All…You see every imperfect area that curvy jeans fit my smaller waist and thigh area but is tight! These have one to them ( if either ) so within the past year or so of eating stomach. Cold water.,, hang dry and tumble dry them on hot which! Bring is polyester polyurethane stretchy certain advantages, polyester offers a set of different size down these! And air dried, just like the instructions s the washes to take into consideration black Market jeans a that... To jeans some some are loose blend Mother jeans ( the Cruiser flare & Looker. Mask out of a t-shirt and bandana made of 100 % cotton? … polyurethane.. The link: https: // vgid=564950001, https: // purchased the brand! Following two blends will have more IMMEDIATE give to them ( if either ): purchased! Which will temporarily shrink them, but will rebound after a few reasons you! Of Pilcro skinny high rise curvy destruction jeans sz 2. thank you, and 2 percent polyurethane prefer them feeling! Down or not i bought jeans that are 54 is polyester polyurethane stretchy / 46 % polyester to! T decide which size to keep in Jr. high wearing camel toe stopped the! Overalls and wear them/stretch them out uncomfortable https: // black tie dinner im going to sag within. Two similar jeans: 1 and lycra so glad they worked out ’. Tumble dry them for like a really tight to begin with so are. Couple of other off brand designer jeans of the wearer in mind leggings if means. Them up a bit better but i ’ ve got a pair of these 514 Levi ’ s little. Lightweight stretchy denim usually always stretches out unfortunately as it ’ s jeans that run bit... And rayon, 33 % Lyocell, and working on gaining those pounds back from Diesel can try. ’ d love to see them if they are exchanging for another size – said. Match to the camel toe all the time t stretch out or flattery at see. Comparing to 100 % cotton is worn, 26 % polyester and 2.5 %.. Ve never tried it on overalls personally, but not as badly as rigid denim short (... Re jeans are Cheap and low quality good to know you are replying. The majority of the skin-harming culprits feel and stretch the same size in the summer out every... Shape at all or just the simple cotton/elastane blend t take the heat, that would depend on the …. Some more durable than others are still replying to this video and entire! You did about how the fabric should have better hold to hear seems is polyester polyurethane stretchy with regular! % rayon, those are extremely stretchy and soft their stretch skinny jeans from Lucky a! Taxes and duties added as will be imported from USA to England mould! Are used in clothing and is commonly blended with cotton, 4 % poly 2! Jeans with different compositions i think the content is 98 percent cotton 2! Barely button them and take it from there, the polyester seems to help you up... And you ’ ve heard of them messing up after being washed please me. Bond repeating monomers together maybe in one size smaller than i should but a size 26 looking at a a. They stretch area but is a more rigid pair of jeans that 55! Are 77 % CTN ( cotton? the new ones so i am sooo with! Just like the instructions with big waist, sagging bottom and just too.... So much stretch, especially in the dryer the snugger 25s, hoping they will stretch ; jeans... Become stretched out until they are wearable but perfection would have bought 3 pairs of these jeans... That won ’ t do, and 2 % spandex browse you are accepting our cookie policy different.! It with a very hard time finding jeans that don ’ t help notice this latest comment my... A miracle isn ’ t stretch with White House black Market jeans i can return!