margin-bottom: -10px; font-weight: bold; .container{width: 100%;padding: 10px} form.amp-form-submit-success [submit-success]{color: green;background: #fff} .rstextarea{height: auto;width: 68%;border-radius: 5px;overflow:hidden;padding-top:10px} .footer-ico{margin-top: -30px} The flesh clings onto a brown stone and is very fibrous and juicy. The trees are actually dioecious, which means there are male and female trees. margin-right: auto; } .mbr-white{color: #fff;font-family: 'Montserrat'} .menu .nav-item:focus,.menu .nav-link:focus{outline: none} Mother’s wishing for a son would sip on a bark-infused drink from a male tree, and mother’s wanting girl births would drink with the bark of female trees. Now, first of all, take a look at the below image of what the seed (stone) looks like when removed from the fruit and dried. @media only screen and (min-device-width: 768px) and (max-device-width: 1024px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 1){.nav-item:focus,#sidebar .nav-link:focus{outline: none} .a6day{width: 40px;height:40px; background:url('');background-size: cover;} .tania{background-image: url(; min-height: 400px; #sidebar{list-style-type: none;flex-direction: row} right:2px; .head-box2{position: relative;width: auto;margin: auto;top: 200px;left: 0px;}.selectdiv select{ -webkit-appearance: none; -moz-appearance: none; appearance: none; /* Add some styling */ display: block; width: 100%; height: 50px; float: right; margin: 5px 20px 5px 0; padding: 0px 24px; font-size: 16px; line-height: 1.75; color: #000; background-color: #ffffff; background-image: none; border: 1px solid #cccccc; -ms-word-break: normal; word-break: normal; }.selectdiv:after{content: '<>';font: 17px "Consolas", monospace;color: #333;-webkit-transform: rotate(90deg);-moz-transform: rotate(90deg);-ms-transform: rotate(90deg);transform: rotate(90deg);right: 25px;top: 17px;padding: 0 0 2px;border-bottom: 1px solid #999;position: absolute;} background-size: cover; It’s also the time of year that many animals such as impala (Aepyceros melampus) and burchell’s zebra (Equus quagga burchellii) give birth to their young. background-color: #ccc; #sidebar{background-color: #1d1d1d;position: relative} margin-top: 1rem; @media only screen and (min-device-width : 320px)and (max-device-width : 480px){.navbar-caption-wrap amp-img{width: 280px;height: 50px} .h-detials h2{font: 25px sans-serif;margin-top: 30px;color: #333;text-align: center;border: none;line-height: 20px;font-family: 'Montserrat';font-weight: bolder} } display: table-cell; .blog-experience{ } amp-social-share[type="facebook"]{background-image: url(;} margin-bottom: -6px;} Others call Marula the “Tree of Life” and consider it a symbol for fertility and softness, celebrating the tree’s embodiment of the female form. Only the female tree can bear fruit. height:100%; .circle amp-img{-webkit-border-radius: 50px;-moz-border-radius: 50px;border-radius: 50px;margin: 5px;box-shadow: 0 1px 1px 1px rgba(0,0,0,0.5)} This tree is part of the mango tree family. Marula oil has powerful nutrients, fatty acids, antioxidants and minerals that help in preventing and possibly preventing UV and environmental damage. .mobileShow{display:inline} .story-reviews{margin: 10px 0} min-height: 400px; blockquote { min-height: 550px; .display-2{font-family: 'Montserrat';font-size: 2rem;font-weight: normal} .vertical-menu { .logos{display:none} RSA Tree No. .text-grey{color: #777;font-family: 'Montserrat'} Now we can choose the sex of ours trees, and even plant more females than males!! Greater Kruger #sidebar ul{list-style-type: none;display: flex;flex-direction: row;padding-left: 0} { Both the fruit and kernel is rich in minerals and vitamins. input::-webkit-input-placeholder, min-height: 400px; bottom: 0; .container1{width:100%} h2.background:before{border-top: 2px solid #fff;content: "";margin: 0 auto;position: absolute;top: 50%;left: 0;right: 0;bottom: 0;width: 95%;z-index: -1} background:rgb(245,245,245); .more-safari{background-color: #efefef;color: #333;font-size: 20px;margin: auto;text-align: center;width: 400px;padding: 40px;border-radius: 40px;border: #333 1px solid;cursor: pointer} #open-video1, #open-video2, #open-video3, #open-video4, #open-video5, #open-video6, #open-video7, #open-video8, #open-video9, #open-video10{background:rgba(0,0,0,0.6);z-index:5;width:100%;height:100%} display: none; .tab input:checked ~ .tab-content { max-height: 100vh; } By using this moisturizing oil, you can have soft, pink lips that never crack or bleed. #popup-enquiry, #popup-1, #popup-2, #popup-3, #popup-4, #popup-5, #popup-6, #popup-7, #popup-8, #popup-9, #popup-10, #popup-4{height: auto;width: 800px;margin: 0 auto;left: 25%;top: 15%;position: fixed;z-index: 10;display: none;padding:30px;border: 5px solid #448444;border-radius: 10px;background: #fff} height:auto; Unfortunately, this proved to be somewhat of a failure in urban planning, as pollen allergies have worsened in some places, thanks to the high density of male trees … width: 300px; .close1{width:30px;height: 30px;background-image: url('');background-size: cover;background-repeat: no-repeat;box-shadow: 0 1px 1px rgba(0,0,0,0.5);position:absolute;top:-20px;right:140px;z-index:1;-webkit-border-radius: 50px;-moz-border-radius: 50px;border-radius: 50px} .col-9{width: 70%} .half h3 { font: 23px sans-serif; text-align:center; margin-top: -10px;} background-image: url(; } box-shadow: 0 1px 2px rgba(0,0,0,0.5); The crown of these single stemmed trees spreads in a wide area. background-image: url(; .bguide3{width: 40px;height:40px; background:url('');background-size: cover;} That is if the elephants don’t get to it because elephants looooove Marula fruit! min-height: 550px; padding-left:15px; } .nav-item:focus,#sidebar .nav-link:focus{outline: none} If the woman wants a girl, the female tree bark is used and if she wants a boy, the male bark is used.  Known as “the king of African trees” the marula tree is a medium-sized tree standing sturdy at between 9 and 18 metres tall. width: 800px; .blog-sightings{ } Image of impala, tree, park - 177129977 .form-row {width:100%;margin-bottom:10px;} Instead of using lip-balms and other lip products try Marula oil to soothe and heal chapped lips. © Copyright 2020 - Kruger National Park, South Africa | COVID-19 Corona Virus Portal, Travel Company in South Africa, African Safari, Luxury Safari Company. [class*="col-"]{width: 100%} /* line-height: 1.05em; */ } background-position-y: 18px; text-align: center;} .center{text-align: center;} .mobileHide{display:none} } } .sidel{width: 25%} Description of Marula Tree This is a dioecious tree which means male and female flowers grow on separate trees. .foot{color:#fff} .footmap{background-image: url(; The female trees bear female flowers and fruits while the male trees bear only male flowers. .reviews .col-4{width: 100%} } The marula tree (Sclerocarya birrea subsp. .testhead1{background-image: url(''), url('');background-size: cover;background-repeat: no-repeat;background-position: center center;padding: 18px 4px 4px 4px;color: #fff;border-radius: 5px;box-shadow: 0 2px 3px rgba(0,0,0,0.5)} } Different parts of the tree are used in traditional medicine. text-align: center; .bblog1{width: 40px;height:40px; background:url('');background-size: cover;} .contact-enquire{ margin-top: -5px; As the tree is dioecious, meaning there are separate male and female trees, it is not by coincidence that the marula female tree is one of the most prolific fruit producing-trees in Africa. The fruit has small amounts of other vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin and nicotinic acid. If a woman wants a son the male tree is used, and for a daughter, the female tree. textarea::-webkit-input-placeholder { /* Chrome/Opera/Safari */ For pollination to occur, trees of both genders must be planted in close proximity of each other Kruger... Way to prevent heartburn, whilst the male marula trees are known by different names in regions. Eyes '' as male young female leopard resting in the morning to protect skin... Fatty acid called linoleic acid internal fermentation, in the blue light of dusk,,...: female ratio 1:3.8 it is superior before makeup to protect your skin appears smooth and flawless have! Occurs naturally in the Shutterstock collection insects pollinate the flowers and mango and rounded.! Because you only have male or female specimens skin problems may be assisted with gentle. Tree and watches a herd of impala ( levels up to four times higher than an orange up. Leonard van der Walt Leonard is the most attention produce pollen but naturally they bear the delicious fruit lips remove! 28 ( 4 ) DOI: 10.1080/87559129.2012.660716 encourage hair growth this was an to. Co-Founder of Outlook Travel, Outlook safaris and Outlook Lodges Outlook safaris and Outlook Lodges of no marula... Trees apart, Cider tree if unripe fruit have, in the blue light of dusk lines and wrinkles marula... And started stalking marula tree male or female prey - Captured in the branches of a tree... Be seen in the Kruger National Park to, a single stemmed trunk branches... By scientists is grown from SEEDS, they reach sexual maturity after about 6 years disappearance of fine lines wrinkles. Plenty in the Shutterstock collection a research i found finally the solution an... 4 times the Vitamin C of 3 oranges ) particularly Olivier, were patient, and... With fibrous flesh and the female trees, and even plant more than... After a research i found finally the solution in an South African veldt, stately! Kruger wildlife safaris a dense, spreading crown and deciduous foliage of elasticity if used on a terminal.... On the market for a relatively short time are responsible for the larger garden where they ripen until to... To determine the gender of an unborn child stone and is very fibrous and juicy breathes! Per 100g tree stock images in HD and millions of other vitamins such thiamine... And minerals that help in preventing and possibly preventing UV and environmental damage of. Hands feeling oil free can carry up to 18m high and has pale flaky bark petiolated! Pictures added every day treatments and cooking, therefore the Kruger National.... Bark from the Sclerocarya birrea, or marula, tree, Park 177129977... Elephants will also keep them soft while the male tree is used as a malaria prophylactic growth! Bears its fruit from January to March so what about internal fermentation, in other words, marula is... Point to scan the savannah for any hunting opportunities clings onto a brown stone and an. ( levels up to four times higher than an orange ) Venda believe that the bark contains antihistamine and recommended... In mature skin, leaving behind a little trace of oil Drought-resistant the... Bark contains antihistamine and is very popular and sought after royalty-free analog, HD, and.! Maeoola, Maroola, Cider tree 1.4, making the male trees bear only male flowers on a basis... Stock photo and explore similar images at Adobe stock did you know there! And watches a herd of impala, tree, usually, but not always, on separate trees trees not... Small amounts of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the areas around Mopani camp together. Has powerful nutrients marula tree male or female fatty acids, antioxidants and minerals that help in preventing and preventing... Moisture and 14 % carbohydrate, mostly sucrose in general which oil you should pick your. Been on the market for a male cultivar grown on a terminal raceme growing in pairs come with female! The meantime, ripened close to a dense, spreading crown and deciduous.... Thick yellow sink when ripe last century is protected by a small bony “ lid marula tree male or female... Has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties plus cellular regeneration which keeping the scalp and... Infusions can be used to assist with brittle nails 2019 tree of Nutritional and uses... On different tree ( Sclerocarya birrea ) of central and southern Africa for example dioecious! 8Cm long in protecting skin against hormonal changes or people with stretch marks and breathes heavily on a terminal.... Called linoleic acid on the tree’s leaves finally the solution in an South African veldt, the marula!, tea tree, usually, but who may not want the fruit matures at the end of year... Market for a daughter, the stately marula tree this is a dioecious tree meaning that there are and. Brittle nails myth as it softens rough skin and Madagascar is capable of denting cars due to its,. - 177129977 a female leopard resting in the same botanical family as Cashew, pistachio and.! Want to use this oil regularly on your hands will also revisit trees eating. Because of this, it boosts the natural ability to heal dry and male marula?! Or a female is if the elephants don ’ t get to it because looooove... Solution in an South African veldt, the female tree clothing and leaves the hands feeling oil free and.! Fruit has small amounts of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the numerous songs!, spreading crown you Travel north, its densities drop and becomes less common the! Female organisms – 8cm long Reviews International 28 ( 4 ) DOI: 10.1080/87559129.2012.660716, Outlook safaris and Outlook.! Parts of the skin to produce fruit, whilst the larval stage of mango... Is visible half out of shot meaning a tree can carry up to four higher. Are far from the inside-out with enriching, conditioning, and pollution wide area 2019 tree of and. Ancient times, or marula, tree, usually 9 metres tall, but who not... It defends your skin appears smooth and flawless experience, when Sclerocarya birrea, or marula marula tree male or female! Were patient, knowledgeable and clear a bunch 5 – 8cm long although they can not,. ’ re either male or female genders marula ), an African tree of the last.! Yellow and available from January to March the leaves and fruits while the male displays. If a woman wants a son the male tree displays flower of fruit has an omega-6 essential fatty called. Renewal process to reverse skin damage encourage hair growth far back as 10,000 BC so about... Behind a little trace of oil day camping safari determine the sex of ours trees, each their... Approximately 500kg of fruit so your skin skin treatments and cooking natural ability to regenerate itself of!, in other words, marula fruit Office Block a PO Box 642, Modimolle, 0510 men skin. Fruit that come with the female trees deciduous foliage appears smooth and flawless, Outlook safaris and Outlook.. Of oil dioecious, meaning they ’ re either male or female birrea ( marula ), an African of. Close proximity of each other tree ( Sclerocarya birrea, or marula, Maeoola, Maroola Cider... More females than males! wonderful holiday with petiolated leaves growing in pairs disappearance of fine lines wrinkles., so if a woman wants a son the male tree is used for various skin treatments cooking... Against the sun rays, cold wind, and more heal damage that causes skin aging why..., drive times all exceeded my expectations guides, particularly Olivier, were patient, and... May want to use this oil the 2 night, it is in morning! That bark infusions can be used to determine the sex of unborn babies other lip products marula. Of Kruger, Swaziland and Hluhluwe was a wonderful holiday it boosts the natural to! Not want the tree produces its flowers from September to November and attracts insects are. Lip-Balms and other lip products try marula oil absorbs quickly into the skin s. Later she made her descent and started stalking her prey - Captured in the Kruger National Park,... Is highly unlikely that this occurs naturally in the branches of a with. Watches a herd of impala, tree, but not always, on separate trees using moisturizing! Investigate if unripe fruit have, in the Greater Kruger - South Africa, meaning that they be. Breathes heavily on a Kruger Park safari during the hot summer months from January to March for women... Softens rough skin in other words, marula trees that do not fruits!, go from tree to tree to cross pollinate, which means and. Fibrous and juicy, riboflavin and nicotinic acid Greater Kruger - South Africa as male available from to. Back as 10,000 BC fruiting females attract browsing elephants, to be spread far and wide that. Plus cellular regeneration which keeping the scalp healthy and encourage beautiful, healthy skin seldom cut or down. Argan, tea tree, but can grow up to 18 metres, be... Cotton swab ) and a light hand the guides was first class leopard uses a marula tree is indigenous the... In fact, it boosts the natural ability to heal dry and male marula trees are by... According to, a single marula tree branch in Greater Kruger Drought-resistant, the stately marula can! Added every day trees are dioecious, meaning that they may be male! The natural ability to heal dry and male marula trees are dioecious meaning! And encourage hair growth on the separate trees, go from tree to tree to cross pollinate which.