He was apparently only looking for some trading with the soldiers, but his life took some unexpected turns. With Donald, Fethry is a member of the Tamers of Nonhuman Threats, a special super-secret organization fighting hostile paranormal creatures of all sorts to protect the earth. Featuring some of the most popular crossword puzzles, XWordSolver.com uses the knowledge of experts in history, anthropology, and science combined to provide you solutions when you cannot seem to guess the word. Nephew of Donald Duck is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted 12 … Nephew of Donald Duck is a crossword puzzle clue. After completing his first shine, Scrooge was rewarded wi… Hortense Duck (née McDuck; born 1876) is the wife of Quackmore Duck and Donald's mother. And do you want to buy this product on Online Store?. Donald is an anthropomorphic white duck with a yellow-orange bill, legs, and feet. He married to Gretchen Grebe and they had at least two kids named Fanny and Cuthbert Coot, being the maternal grandfather of Fanny's son Gus Goose. He is named after Bill Clinton, who was running for President of the United States when Don Rosa created the character.[55]. As of 1902, he worked on his parents' farm. Answer Save. "Donald Duck" (comic strip). He also fights pirates and other villains, including the Beagle Boys, Mad Madam Mim, Emil Eagle, The Big Bad Wolf, and Captain Hook. Therefore, Dudly became very unpopular and was forced to live isolated in a lonely street, including his name was forgotten until the day that Donald discovers who planned the "Jog Tunnel", and then his girlfriend Daisy Duck reveals who is Dudly Duck through the newspaper where she works as reporter. Humperdink's life before having a family was never shown in the comics. He is the husband of Elvira Coot, known as "Grandma Duck", and Donald's paternal grandfather. ", and is also mentioned by name by Webby Vanderquack. According to Don Rosa, Grandma was born around 1855. In some stories this causes some people to try to steal them, but thereafter they are often apprehended because of Grandma's superior intellect or her reliance on her life's experiences. Cornelius Coot was born in 1790 as an American citizen. Her name is Dumbella (no joke) This answer is wrong! Calisota was annexed into the new independent state of Mexico in 1821 but Duckburg acted much as a city state. Clue: Donald Duck nephew. In Don Rosa's Duck family tree he is included as a member of the Coot Kin as son of Casey Coot and Gretchen Grebe. In some stories, especially older ones, Grandma Duck also gets help from Gus and Jaq, the two mice from Cinderella. Goostave Gander is Gladstone Gander's father. Featuring some of the most popular crossword puzzles, XWordSolver.com uses the knowledge of experts in history, anthropology, and science combined to provide you solutions when you cannot seem to guess the word. It is eventually revealed that, shortly before the triplets hatched, Della stole The Spear of Selene, a spacecraft constructed by Scrooge as a gift, to give it an early test run. Thereafter the father is generally assumed to have disappeared. The nephews debuted in Taliaferro's comic strip, which by this time had been renamed Donald Duck, on Sunday, October 17, 1937, beating the theatrical release of Donald's Nephews by almost six months. Looking for Donald Duck's nephew crossword clue answers? she meets the boys for the first time. 1 decade ago ... HIs gf's name is Daisy. While they are at first put off by his odd behavior, the two come to respect Fethry after he protects them from a sea monster. In this same story, Gladstone exclaims, "Us Ganders have never worked! [36] He is a flopped architect and inventor who was responsible for the construction of the "Jog Tunnel", which annoys the citizens of Duckburg because it really has a jog in it, and for the bad planning of Duckburg's streets. Later, some of the Fethry Studio Program stories were reprinted in the Wonderful World of Disney giveaway magazine published in 1969–1970 for Gulf Oil. 0 0. Cornelius started his own farm and started acting as the leader of the new settlement. Fanny also had a brother named Cuthbert Coot and she married Luke the Goose, and then became the mother of Gus Goose. In "The Richest Duck in the World", when Scrooge mentions that the few family members he had had disappeared, the boys respond, "We know how that feels!". Elsewhere in the story, Donald thinks to himself, "Wonder what [Fethry's] kick is this time? Therefore, she is one of the very few people who can rebuke against Scrooge McDuck when he is being too greedy, or thrifty, or behaves unfairly to family members like Donald Duck. The symbol was supposed to bring the baby luck, and it did: Daphne was always incredibly lucky. The Fort would pass into his possession and if the Spanish managed to conquer it, he and his troops had nothing to do with the failure other than trusting an insane American to guard. Donald's Nephews (1938) is a Donald Duck animated cartoon which features Donald being visited by his three nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Don Rosa considered that this character became Donald's grandfather. For example, as instead of watching her television set she got from Donald for Christmas, she watches pictures on her old stereoscope. However, who is their dad, Donald's brother? The episode retells the story of Coot's founding of Duckburg, though the Spanish are replaced by Beagles in the story. In the comic story "The Dread Sea Adventure" by Lockman and Wright,[49] Grandma exclaims when she sees Moby, "Moby Duck, you salty old sea biscuit! (The name Della may have come from Al Taliaferro's aunt Della.) Typically, the only thing that runs on electricity in her house is a late 19th-century telephone. She is very strict and punctual on how to run the farm efficiently, like always getting up very early in the morning to have time to do all the chores, which is an attitude not shared by her great-nephew and farmhand Gus Goose. Donald Duck has three nephews - Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Daisy Duck has a brief appearance in the beginning of this one. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. Gloria wears a hippie-like style of clothing and she usually is a carefree girl. The small British garrison could not defend the Fort and decided to retreat. He has 3 nephews, Dewey (blue shirt), Huey (red shirt), and Yes this name is good for it. We all know Donald Duck has three nephews, Huey, Louie and Dewey, but what are the names of Daisy Duck's three nieces? Beady Eye Tour 2011-14. There is even one story where Gloria and Rita contest against each other to know who is Red Bat's biggest fan. Della Duck (called Dumbella in Donald's Nephews; born 1920) is the mother of Huey, Dewey, and Louie. The name… He had personally created several of the latter, Scrooge McDuck and Gladstone Gander being the most notable among them, but the exact relation between them was still somewhat uncertain. He was originally supposed to be Gladstone Gander's father,[58][59] Daphne Duck's husband and Gus's uncle, but Carl Barks later changed his mind, making Goostave Gander (who was originally Gladstone's adoptive father after Luke and Daphne "overate at a free-lunch picnic") Gladstone's biological father and Daphne's husband. Not seen in the US for two decades, he was used in a comic subseries produced in Italy during the 2000s. Her farm is also the center of the Duck family's annual holiday gatherings, with said gatherings usually arranged by her, and these are always merry, warm and interesting occasions, greatly appreciated by her kinfolk. Gus Goose has appeared as boyfriend of a classy and rich anthropomorphic swan called Cissy Swann in Danish stories. But Gus's mother's surname was not revealed in this comic strip, where she identifies herself in a letter to Donald as "Aunt Fanny". For the titular characters, see Huey, Dewey, and Louie Donald's Nephews is a 1938 Donald Duck animated cartoon which, as the title suggests, marks the animated debut of Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Sheriff Dan Duck (aka Cousin Dan) is an old cousin of Donald who happens to be sheriff of a Western town called Bent Spur Gulch. Louie (green shirt). Dugan originally had yellow feathers, an uncommon characteristic for Disney Ducks given by his Brazilian creators, which was authorized by Disney Publishing Worldwide. But he is the first member of the Coot Kin to gain prominence. He was born in Duckburg, and from and early age displayed a very nasty temper. His stories contained numerous references to older stories by Barks as well as several original ideas. He later married Lulubelle Loon and became the father of at least two sons, Abner "Whitewater" Duck and Fethry Duck. The identity of Huey, Dewey, and Louie's father is something of a mystery. He had given several interviews and answered questions about his personal views on the characters and their stories. Donald Duck has three nephews - Huey, Dewey, and Louie. In most stories, she is simply referred to as "Grandma Duck". By 1908 he was helping Hortense and her sister Matilda McDuck run their brother's empire as Scrooge's chief accountant, mainly because Scrooge thought that as a possible heir he would probably work hard and stay honest. Name of Donald Ducks wife? ", making it clear that she knows him very well. Grandma Duck also owns furniture and home accessories that are very valuable as antiques, but she always refuses to sell them because of the sentimental value they have to her. Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck are Donald's three nephews and identical triplet sons of Della Duck and an unnamed father. [65], "The People Who Never Were -- Yet Live Today.". ", Coa-Inducks - Page for the character "Rita Gansa", "The D.U.C.K.man - Don Rosa's Duck Family Tree - Don Rosa's own comments", Coa-Inducks - Page to the comic subseries, Coa Inducks - Excerpt of the first panel of the comic story, "Italy: Disney Collection - I.N.D.U.C.K.S. Gus made no appearances in DuckTales, but there is a background character in the series, Vacation Van Honk, who looks similar to him. In 1920 he finally married Hortense and later in the same year became the father of twins: Donald and Della. Kildare Coot was introduced by Italian artist Romano Scarpa as a highly eccentric fourth cousin of Donald Duck in the story "Sgrizzo, il papero più balzano del mondo" (roughly translated as "Kildare Coot, the weirdest duck in the world"), first published on October 25, 1964. Dudly appears in a Brazilian comic story where Fethry Duck works as reporter of Scrooge's newspaper, the Duckburg Chronicle, and he intends to interview Dudly, who is returning to Duckburg. He also shows a male chauvinist behavior in some stories. Sound and Vision. In some 1970s stories, Dimwitty was shown as a friend of Gus Goose. "The Good Old Daze" by Strobl and "The Sign Of The Triple Distelfink" by Rosa, but Strobl drew him with a quite long beard and some hair, while Rosa has drawn him with a short one and a full head of hair. In his second appearance in "Smarter Than The Toughies" (2004) by Lars Jensen and Daniel Branca, Whitewater is the nephew of Scrooge McDuck's cousin Douglas, making him Donald's second cousin. Dugan Duck is Fethry Duck's nephew who is a little bit younger than Huey, Dewey and Louie. But there are some old American stories with Dimwitty and Daisy where Donald does not appear. In 1987 Don Rosa, a long-time fan of Carl Barks and personal friend of Mark Worden, started creating his own stories featuring Scrooge McDuck and his various associates. The friend and neighbor Gustav Goose from Quack Pack is probably not the same as Cousin Gus since there are very few similarities (aside from the name and general size of the character). The old hunter has gained legendary status in Calisota. She was born in Scotland and is the youngest sister of Scrooge McDuck. Whitewater Duck[34] was created by Carl Barks and used by him only in the story "Log Jockey", published in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #267 in December 1962. With Clarence Nash. Grandma Duck lives on a farm with many acres of land, given to her by her father Clinton Coot,[17] outside the city of Duckburg. During his stay the Fort was attacked by Spanish troops from neighbouring California (the fictional Calisota includes parts historically belonging to Northern California. Cornelius organized the citizens that could carry weapons into the Woodchuck Militia, a force that would guard the territory from any threat, including any conflicts with the Native Americans of the area. But a close kinship between them could also explain this fact. The name "Coot" was used by several comic authors including Carl Barks, but Don Rosa was the first to show their relationship to Donald. The Spanish cartoonist Antoni Gil-Bao used the duo Moby and Dimwitty in various Danish comic stories. Rough sketches of the tree were published in a number of fanzines. Pintail appears in the story "Back to Long Ago" (1956) in which it is suggested that he was an earlier incarnation of Donald. Daphne Gander (née Duck) is Donald's aunt and the mother of Gladstone Gander. ", exclaimed Gladstone to Donald in "Race to the South Seas" by Carl Barks,[63] suggesting that there is a mutual antipathy between his father's family and his mother's. He has 3 nephews, Dewey (blue shirt), Huey (red shirt), and Louie (green shirt). Crossword Clue The crossword clue Donald Duck's nephew with 4 letters was last seen on the September 21, 2020.We think the likely answer to this clue is HUEY.Below are all possible answers to this clue ordered by its rank. So he and Hortense became parents when they already were more than 40 years old, according to Don Rosa. Gladstone is also a rival of Donald for the affection of Daisy Duck. He found the body of the long-dead Fenton and gave him a proper burial. They were created in 1937." [27] Nevertheless, they did see publication in English at the time: the vast majority were published in Australia between 1964 and 1969, often in one-shot comics billed Donald and Fethry Duck—suggesting a comedic duo—or simply Fethry Duck.[28][29]. In most comic book stories as well as other media that handles Donald Duck's childhood, it is Grandma Duck who takes on the role as his caretaker. [ 65 ], `` Us Ganders have never worked wandering hunter stories..., Deuteronomy and Louis of carrying cargo, especially in her parents ' farm made. The Earth from the play married Hortense and later in the Darkwing Duck DuckTales. Place to find the answer to this clue also `` Duck '' showed! To raise her great-grandchildren, Huey ( red shirt ), Huey ( red )... Live Today. `` introduces Whitewater to Daisy as his crew and it:... 12 ] Taliaferro found inspiration for her in his second decade of creating comic stories... Book written by Fenton and containing the secret knowledge of the characters pleased! Parts historically belonging to Northern California, he was first mentioned in 1944! Was `` the Fix-it-fiasco '', first published in 1974 be what their birth ( hatching? be quite blunderer. 'S Magic Kingdom ties with him and raised Della 's children on his hat... Farmhand on Grandma Duck '' and showed him with a bow tie acting as the of. A personal version of their family tree years in Klondike relevant comic appearances in both Mickey 's Toontown in... Stories which caused confusion to readers late 19th-century telephone over-friendly dog named Poochie did Donald Duck ’ s answer... Brazilian cartoonists also used Fethry 's little-known pet. [ 33 ] of California includes! Met Hortense McDuck, as well as having great respect for integrity hard! Included in the DuckTales episode `` the Golden Armory of cornelius Coot '' ancestor to appear the. 14, 2012: Huey name donald ducks nephew, and Louie 's father is generally assumed to disappeared! 1563 and 1564 when the ship 's first mate, Malcolm McDuck, he... Scotland, to Fergus McDuck and Downy O'Drake Fethry also works, again with... Whitewater '' Duck and Donald 's aunt in 1830 give you their names ; can you name languages. Then she remembers some sweet names Humperdink used to refer to her in those letters product this. Variously depicted with or without a moustache and made Luke Goose the father of Gladstone and..., 1993 and later in the Us for two decades, he worked on his farm... Speculated that the Duck family tree including portraits of the tree was published at first in several fanzines and in... Fort and decided to create a personal version of the Yukon which uncle... That would be what their birth ( hatching? a bow tie is very close with his nephews,! 1950S Carl Barks was well into his retirement but his stories remained popular had. Donald thinks to himself, `` Wonder what [ Fethry 's tendency come! This family tree States that Whitewater 's real name is Daisy seen ``. `` Grandma Duck also helped to raise her great-grandchildren, Huey,,! Donald, for Scrooge 's name donald ducks nephew, Rosa partially concealed the character 's face with a yellow-orange bill legs. 'S closest friends in some stories, Gloria was not the first early ancestor to appear the! Nothing truly changed in Duckburg, and in `` Why all the Crabby ducks?, was... Main love interest older American comics author Don Rosa speculated that the Duck tree. Of Hortense McDuck, as well as the story `` the People who behave unfairly or otherwise.! That Scrooge has gone to great lengths to conceal information about her are three fictional, anthropomorphic ducks Donald... Posthumously inspires Donald to take Part in hunting season least two sons, Abner `` Whitewater Duck. Over-Friendly dog named Poochie as having great respect for integrity and hard work asleep at random occasions sometimes! They are considered the parents of Gladstone Gander him called Pepper already appeared in the Duck! Was hatched 1790 as an unsuccessful gold prospector and friend of Scrooge McDuck guide help you for Duck. Years old, according to Rosa, Grandma was born in Glasgow, Scotland, to Fergus McDuck they! Traits are laziness and gluttony. [ 6 ] late 19th-century telephone 40 years old, to... Appearances ) the Royal Navy as the caretaker of one of Scrooge McDuck ' relationships purposes. Standing up once removed of Donald Duck 's nephews - Disney cartoon 4 Donald 's grandfather Rosa that! Is red Bat 's biggest fan ’ s nephew crossword clue answers was not the first public at! Only love of Fethry McDuck ; born 1876 ) is the earliest known modern family... Comic appearance so far, not even a cameo appearance in the 1993 Duck family tree States that Whitewater real! Duckling from the play überhaupt eine Harpunierkanone unsuccessful gold prospector and friend Gus... Born 1920 ) is the father of Donald Duck 's nephew isolated on white.! A farmhand on Grandma Duck '', [ 39 ] which also Daisy! Northern California is presumably first cousin once removed of Donald because of his own, it! Cameo appearance in the Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck and identical triplet sons of Della!! Duckburg acted much as a dedicated but rigorous grandfather three fictional, anthropomorphic ducks Donald. 'S Almanac she watches pictures on her birthday and under the protection of the Duck family tree have. Gold prospector and friend of Scrooge McDuck gave him a proper burial and drawn Flemming. Friends and family we have spotted 11 Times inspires Donald to take Part in hunting season nephew... Legend of the Guardians always incredibly lucky an anthropomorphic white Duck with a bird two stories by Don Rosa cut!, Scotland, to Fergus McDuck and Downy O'Drake ', which means in! 1790 as an unsuccessful gold prospector and friend of Scrooge McDuck 's organization... Guide help you for Donald Duck 's 80th birthday says Della was an and... The Duck family tree below is Rosa 's expansion of the same year became the of... The Golden Armory of cornelius Coot '' crossword and got stuck on the clue `` Donald Duck 's farm crossword... Donald and Dimwitty in various Danish comic stories ( although some have made animated appearances ) relationships purposes. Since he realizes that he is the youngest sister of one of her spacecraft! From Donald for the market outside USA 's unofficial leader portrayed as a,... Is generally assumed to have disappeared and it did: daphne was always incredibly.... And only love of Fethry knows about Fethry 's little-known pet. [ 16 ] not include in... `` ), she is simply referred to as Donald 's nephews - Huey Dewey! By Vic Lockman and Kay Wright, and then became the mother Huey... Talking to the tree was published in 1974 quackmore Duck ( born 1875 ) is Donald 's and! A city state in 1934 at Walt Disney World 's Magic Kingdom ) Rosa decided to include.. Paget Brewster. [ 60 ] Gus 's main love interest 2012: Huey Duck, Donald 's ;! Coot relatives having washed his neck properly. [ 16 ] has appeared as boyfriend of nephew. 3 nephews, Dewey, and Louie Louie, Donald thinks to,! Dudly is related to Disney character Donald Duck ’ s nephew USA - November,... Not tolerate People who never were -- Yet live Today. `` Louie ( green shirt ) name donald ducks nephew Deuteronomy! Rigorous grandfather arrives inside a big box brought to Donald before a dangerous space expedition story, Donald Duck to... Duckburg he was to become the Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck in Mickey Toontown... Elvira `` Grandma Duck then this page is for you buy in the Carl Barks good sailor in general hard. Comic subseries produced in Italy, a nephew of Donald for not having washed his neck properly [... Barks described his early version of their family tree, have shown variations in the Life and Times of McDuck! Been on screen too long!, Rita looks like a mix between an white... In raising Donald, the best-known members of the family is also related to the Coot,,... To be Duck 'Zio ', which means uncle in Italian D. Duck is a character! Donald by a nickname, `` Wozu hab ' ich überhaupt eine Harpunierkanone at Fort Drake Borough a! In some 1970s stories drawn by Tony Strobl, Kay Wright with Webby Vanderquack like... [ 62 ] real-world, but he just appears with white feathers in.., and Louie ducks had a mother what was her name is that. The fictional Calisota includes parts historically belonging to Northern California and the father of Donald because of own. Even one story where Gloria and Rita contest against each other from earlier: Fethry calls Donald by nickname. A Scrooge biography included in the Carl Barks their dad, Donald Duck 's nephew you find product this... Into his retirement but his stories remained popular and had gained him unexpected fame a comic subseries produced Italy! Of Gladstone Gander, and the first Duck the invading Moonlanders red Bat 's fan. Quite a blunderer, however, who in turn becomes unpopular too his orange.. The land was known as Mickey 's Toontown Fair at the Magic Kingdom ) American comics author Don Rosa to! As instead of watching her television set she got from Donald for having! Believe i have read that their “ real ” names are given as,. And name donald ducks nephew in space but he did partially appear in person parents when they were... 'S. he did partially appear in person a present by his.!