Cost 3 … Do you have to cleanup things like coffee stains or wine immediately to prevent staining? Beautiful transformation! And even though I love it, I do hope we can do real tile backsplash one day. Dont ruin your finish by scrubbing the deck with a magic eraser. Edge type: Flat Also available in 108"x36" or 42" peninsula, 108"x52" island, and full slabs. Given how easily these tops show any little mark, I think getting something with even a few veins may have helped disguise those marks a bit more, but maybe not. Hi, I also have white tile on the floor that was installed 21 years ago and I’ll be glad when all the white in my kitchen is GONE!!! I'm a self-proclaimed home-body + lover of all things cozy. Show your flair by choosing accessories for your granite kitchen worktops. I also have a ceramic farmhouse sink like your which I also love…any tips for keeping this from scratching and chipping over time? To order some free kitchen worktop samples by post, call the showroom on 0161 764 5601 or if it is out of office hours please complete the form below and a memebr of staff will come back to you. Staying with the theme of quartz that resembles marble, 5031 Statuario Maximus Caesarstone quartz is another great option for your kitchen. NEVER clean your counters with anything other than soap and water. Although quartz, like any other countertop surface, needs protection to keep looking its best, it’s still one of the most worry-free, easy-care materials available on the market. Chantilly. Well that’s it for my review! pure white quartz kitchen worktop countertop best price & quality sample . Even right behind the sink. It this a specific type of quartz that can be resistant to heat? I have been REALLY impressed at how well they’ve held up. I chose a white grey veined quartz. On one of them, I used a fine point permanent marker to make a small line at one of the top corners as I wanted to see if I could remove it. I does stain. What is the exact color and what brand is it? It’s not exactly all white but close. Quartz countertops are durable, sleek, and beautiful. I'm sarcastic, overly caffeinated + usually at Target. Those little magic erasers really are superhero! Like fine lace, Chantilly is a modern classic with feathery charcoal veins set against a crisp … ... 1141 Pure White. Pick up from our Anaheim fabrication shop or we install for $17 per square foot. White quartz is a gorgeous engineered stone that has many styles that replicate the look of natural stone. Have a great day. We are renovating our kitchen and I brought some quartz samples home. Pure White Quartz combines modern style and exceptional design with durability and incredible ease of maintenance. But I saw your kitchen and it is lovely just as it is. Love the makeover! If you wouldn’t mind me asking, how is the price of quartz compared to granite? We felt confident recommending the product to our clients for hearth stones too! White quartz is one of the most attractive, durable and versatile … OK, so today’s post is LOOOONG overdue. Dont be fooled by a good salesman trying to sell you something just because it’s more expensive than granite. it chips on the edges, All I use are plastic plates. It’s not super obvious, but it definitely bugs me. I just read that it is a good idea to put something under small appliances, like a coffee maker, toaster, crockpot because of heat. It’s held up great so far and we’ve had no issues at all. Bridge Hall Lane, Bury BL9 7NY Sarah Joy here. Unfamiliar with this but then again I do live in Tasmania lol. I can appreciate that feedback Anita. The cabinets are white shaker with bronze hardware,and the floor is dark engineered hardwood. Oh and just try to get anyone to do anything about the chipping, Its like when you buy a car the sales person tells you if you ever need anything just call, good luck with that, buying a quartz counter is the same good luck no one will stand by what they tell you not even the people that make the quarz. Rebecca. Of course, I still wash the dishes after I use the erasers. I get marks like that on my white dishes, most likely marks from silverware scraping it when eating. I’m just watching from the sidelines and I personally think that all this hoopla about white and painting cabinets and white counter tops is going to come to an end and a lot of people are going to be sorry they went there. I really like the quartz countertops, but was wondering are you happy with the wainscoting or do you wish you would of gone with a tile for a backsplash? They truly are stain resistant. I’ve had mine for about three years now and wouldn’t have anything else. Because of their durability, you can expect your quartz countertops to last for many years to come, which is why you should opt for a neutral countertop, such as white. Hi there, Beautiful kitchen!! I wasn’t really expecting that, but the white definitely made the whole space feel brighter and fresh. I’ve been trying to create a very similar look for my kitchen – the closest I could find to your surfaces was these: I have a white counter top and have had it since we built our house 21 years ago and it shows everything that lands on it. When we were shopping around for different tops, I kept coming back to quartz because they are so easy and hassle free. When Silestone first became popular 10 years ago and the white tops needed to be put to the test. It is an ideal and most practical choice for residential and commercial interior countertop. I really want to use white quartz and looking for a modern Scandinavian design so want a simple calm counter. To my eye, the look is jarring not complimentary. 4001 Fresh Concrete Caesarstone Quartz. slab in stock Standard : 56 x 120 x 3/4″ ... Eurostone is a distributor of quality Italian quartz surfaces, quartz tiles, & U-Design quartz sinks for a range of applications such as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and counters. Telford My recently remodeled kitchen has white quartz with “marble” veins that are somewhat muted gray. Pure White Quartz Countertops. Explore Pure White 1141 from Caesarstone® quartz surfaces. hi ,I love my white quartz countertops also and just wanted to say I use a tiny bit of ceramic cooktop cleaner to remove black mars or smudges .. just thought I’d pass that along.. It’s a cute kitchen, pristine and bright! I don’t like the white with the cream cabinets. I really don’t want to put anything under my coffee maker and toaster. You have a great taste! Now the cabinets look like they are kinda yellowed from age. Very easy to clean…I use a tiny bit of soft scrub with water when a stain is a bit more diffcult to clean and it comes right off! Dec 25, 2013 - Discover high-grade quartz countertops by Caesarstone, offering innovative style and endurance for kitchen surfaces, vanity counters, walls, furniture and more. We plan to do ours this fall and I can’t wait! Available in both 2 CM and prefabricated countertops, this quartz is a dazzling addition to any space. Am looking for suitable replacement options now. With a white quartz countertop, you can have the look and style you want, with the upkeep and low maintenance durability you need in a busy home. Thanks!! After over 15years of supplying and installing various other kitchen worktop materials, such as granite, marble, Corian etc we formed a company specializing in quartz as this is proven to be the most durable and most cost efficient material on the market. There are also many styles that imitate the look of other natural stones, such as granite. Oh awesome, thanks for sharing Elizabeth! Very easy to clean…I use a tiny bit of soft scrub with water when a stain is a bit more diffcult to clean and it comes right off! I tried to get off my sample with a magic erase without luck. Anyone will tell you whatever they think you want to hear. Use our online worktop estimator to get an instant quote for your granite kitchen worktops, or call one of our sales team and speak to us directly. Even a small amount of dust is very noticeable. The counter guy came back, put a dab of superglue in the chip, scraped the excess with a razor blade, and I honestly cannot find any sign of the chip! I have also installed a sparkling black countertop in my kitchen with the help of pros at Legacy Marble and Granite, and dust is the main issue I am facing. Like, I meant to post this four months ago kinda overdue. Can you be so kind to reply ? I’d love to chat! I’m chatting about the good AND the bad, as well as a few general thoughts on our countertops now that we’ve been living with them for over six months. TF3 3BA I get what you mean about the black marks. Thank you, -No Maintenance. Your kitchen looks great! Quartz is NOT stain, or scratch resistant. The cabinets blended better with the backsplash and the counter top. Griffin Lane, Aylesbury HP19 8BP And the material that scratches, stains, and discolored from heat and natural light over time is the glue it’s made of.. not the granite pieces. I have white quartz too, and I’m pretty sure the “pencil” looking marks on the edge are from my jeans button closure when I lean on the counter lol. If you are looking for white countertops that look like marble but come with increased durability, white quartz countertops are a perfect choice. Christmas in the basement ✨It still feels su, Christmas on the front porch✨ I seriousl, Christmas living room ✨ I was thinking t. This is the first time we’ve ever had quartz countertops. Pure White Quartz is a solid bright white slab with no pattern or veins making it perfect for creating a clean canvas with endless design possibilities. The process of deciding on a new countertop type. Hey, Sarah! Waste of money. Unit 1 J2 Business Park please, elaborate more on what would you’d rather install. Quartz is simple, and low maintenance for sure. Thanks for sharing these beautiful designs!! Its fresh and vibrant appearance brightens up any interior, colourful or neutral. They’ve not only completely transformed our kitchen, but they are SO darn easy and they really do require very little maintenance. As I have to budget and must save and have a 2 yr old ,painting is not prudent at this time. May I ask, since you have a large window in kitchen as I do, have you noticed the areas of your countertop that get daily, direct sunlight exposure turning yellow? We are redoing our kitchen right now and we are considering a quartz countertop. Overall I love my white quartz countertops. Manufacturers use different techniques when producing quartz slabs, and this factor alone is enough to drive the prices higher. I think the before kitchen looks dated. Or softscrub.. bad idea.. Quartz countertop can be designed to look like different countertopping stuffs, including- granite, concrete, marble etc. White Quartz Countertop Ideas. Give it a try! Customer Service Hours. It’s an old one my mom gave me, but this one here is very similar! 0161 764 5601, Unit 5A Griffin Industrial Mall I have never regretted the choice. I have the bead board backsplash too, and love it. Also have Quartz in two bathrooms and they don’t stain with constant water mess. Caesarstone Pure White is a bright white, slightly mottled style quartz stone, featuring blended hints of cream freckles throughout the worktop, adding dimension to its surface. Looking for professional advice. They’re low maintenance, which I love, and very durable. I chose white with a grey vein to achieve the marble look. Caesarstone Pure White lives up to its name, with color as pure as freshly bleached and starched cotton sheets It is the whitest quartz countertop available on the market. Just go here and click the "My Home" tab to shop! I used to clean for a lady whose tub had marks on it from her kids tub toys, and she hadn’t had any luck removing them. 3000*1400, 3000*1600 and 3200*1600mm etc. I still use a cutting board, just because it’s easier, but it’s nice knowing how durable they are. #1 in Price & Selection. But, now I am a bit worried that the gray marks won’t come off. Love your remodel!! I love mine and couldn’t be happier with how they look! Use barkeepers friend. Just as the name suggests, Pure White is the purest of all the whites on the market. Mon-Sat: 10am to 6pm. Quartz countertop costs are driven by many factors, with the largest being the manufacturer. Available in 3cm and 2cm. The design is subtle. A very compatible countertop for a modern and bright kitchen. Agree completely with your assessment of the Quartz countertops. Mine are white with shades of gray and a tiny bit of black grain. I enjoyed your post. Being cut into countertop, Pure White quartz plays a role with pleasant feeling of comfort and quiet. And of all the renovations and projects we’ve done in our home over these past three years, choosing to invest in our kitchen countertops was one of the best decisions we’ve made. I’m needing to do a backsplash and wasn’t sure which one I should do. Stafford Park 4 Wanna get my top five design tips and tricks? But since granite is a natural stone that was almost impossible to find, even though the company we went with had tons of granite options. Great for marks on white baseboards, door and window trim, and tea and coffee stains in mugs. Pure White quartz is created from chunks of stone mixed with resins and coloring. Italian Made Quartz Surfaces. The purest, cleanest white with a fleck-free smooth finish. There was no matching those cupboards and my large island was black. Use A Translucent Quartz + Light For A Stunning Look. I disagree. I love yours. Snow White Quartz has a brilliant white colour with little or no grain inside. , I like them alot! I’d love to do subway tile! I did quartz countertops in a white carerra marble look and I love them. I tried a magic eraser and it removed them! I am late to the dance here. What is that big black thing sitting next to your sink. I just want to say wow on this cozy and beautiful kitchen. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - … I’m a kitchen designer, and am glad to hear your reviews. Our quotation includes installation so there are no hidden costs’! Please let me know if you have any questions or if you’d like to know more about something I didn’t cover. Pure Quartz is the UK’s leading quartz worktop specialists. The cabinets actually don’t look so yellow in real life, but in photos they do come across as more yellow. Other cut to size as 600*600,800*800,1000*1000,1200*1200mm can be customized as per your needs They look like pencil markings! The countertop color with the cabinet color is PERFECTION! I wouldn’t have thought to go pure white but seeing them with the rest of kitchen they are beautiful! Where did you get your coffee mug holder from ? I keep a box of them under our sink and ready to go at all times!! I think there are pro and cons to every type of material for counters. Pure White, the “Whitest White” in quartz surfaces, features a beautiful silk finish and is perfect for hospitality designs, smart office spaces, stunning kitchen countertops to match white lacquer cabinets, shower walls, bar tops, custom-made furniture and wherever your imagination takes you. © MisterMarble 2019. They’re definitely a cream color in person. He tries to be more careful but it does come off with the magic eraser. This plain white quartz is one of our most popular countertop colours due to its clean and vibrant look. 2. I also went with white counter tops , I noticed I got waters stains and impossible to get rid off, I’ll never buy quartz again. Aside from marks on top of the counters, I’ve also noticed dark marks on the front of the tops as well–they almost look like little pencil markings. Caesarstone is perfect for kitchen countertops, backsplashes, kitchen island and breakfast bar tops, bathroom vanity tops, wall and floor panels and many more interior design solutions. Looks so good now! Do you know the color of your cabinets by chance? I am I. Quite the difference, right?! Kitchen; Bathroom; Granite. Your kitchen is beautiful! Xx. Kitchen; Bathroom; Marble. Did you get your surfaces from the same supplier (thinking they may have updated the name since you bought yours!)? Fill in the details below and a member of our sales team will contact you as soon as possible. Magic erasers work wonderfully, and as far as I know are non-toxic. And again, the only thing that will remove it is a Magic Eraser. White quartz does stain. Brilliant at getting black marks off of anything like this and china. I love the Antique White of the Kitchen cabinets. Hi, hello! Your kitchen is beautiful! I know it is the paint color and I’m sorry. Pure White Quartz kitchen countertop is the purest, cleanest, and the densest white quartz countertop available today. I should do a review on that too actually! If you're anything like me, there's a good chance you are ready for a snack right now. Quartz Countertops; Kitchen Backsplash; Share. Yep, that’s what ours are from too. This includes bright whites like Thassos and whites with gold veins like Calacatta. Check out my recipes here! Pure White Quartz Stone. Do you find that to be true. Check out this article I found that explains the different kinds of Quartz and how they price, This immaculate, durable kitchen canvas brings a modern edge or creates an effortless mid-century aesthetic. The bad thing about these white tops is they do show. Higher resistance to scratch stain resistant makes cleaning very easy. Quartz Worktops & Countertops. This blog is my happy place, where I enjoy sharing fun things like home decor tips, affordable fashion, + life as a mama of three. It looks fantastic with any colour unit; white, black or even greys and multi-colours, a real beauty. Enjoy your kitchen! I really enjoy the blog! It’s so much brighter, plus it has a cozy cottage vibe that I love. I nodded to the white mantle on grey stone fireplace. Quartz countertop is durable … Thanks! Unlike granite, quartz is non-porous and it doesn’t need to be sealed, which is a big WIN in my book. I had real marble in a previous home it is a nightmare. Grab my free eBook, where I share all my best tips for creating a home you love! I personally think that the kitchen looked better before all the white. I know, I’m so bad. A Caesarstone Pure White countertop imbues the space with cleanliness and calm and is a stunning, understated choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Goooooood morning sunshine and happy Wednesday! I guess they’re too hard for quartz. Love your posts Sarah. 93 % pure quartz crystal, with 7 % of resins, color pigments and others. Show your flair by choosing accessories for your granite kitchen worktops. 01952 453 087. Thanks for all your great post, always look forward to them. More posts you might want to wander over to: They look so pretty and really do completely transform your kitchen! It looks fantastic with any colour unit; white, black or even greys and multi-colours, a real beauty. PURE WHITE ’20. The Pure White color meets the today s ongoing demand for always new and different kinds of white. I want to thank you. Would you get them again or what else would you get? 1. The white cabinetry, along with the stainless appliances, bring much needed light. Jun 22, 2019 - Pure white quartz countertop. Marsha, I love your blog! Hi, I really love the look of these countertops and your kitchen overall! Everything I have read about the Quartz says that it is NOT heat resistant, yet you said your quartz countertops are heat resistant. Pure black, white, yellow, green, blue, purple, rosy, red ,orange etc. I found the marks on the edge of my Buttermilk quartz counters were the result of my husbands belt buckle rubbing against them. Color. It’s formulated specifically for quartz and works great. Glad you discovered the magic erasers for removing the black marks. (Some other designs had really big, bold, dark and busy black veins.) White quartz countertops are among the most popular go to when updating your kitchen countertops.In this article, you will see the top 10 white MSI Q Quartz colors available. I did quartz countertops in a white carerra marble look and I love them. What color are the cabinets and cabinet pulls? As someone else said, Soft Scrub should work in marks. £0.99 + p&p Pictured: 8141 White Quartz. Composition. Divinity Pure White quartz also brings the natural feel and looks of marble and granite without the maintenance required by natural stone. Is there any way to overcome this problem? I’m about to install pure white quartz in he kitchen. thanks! I simply clean them with hot soapy water most of the time. Mine still hides the light black marks that a stainless steel pot can leave because the marks blend in, but isn’t bossy looking with my white cabinets and white subway tile backsplash. We gutted and remodeled our very small 1962 kitchen last summer and I am so glad we chose quartz countertops. I want something warmer!! We stock every quartz color available on the market. xoxo. We are getting ready to have our cabinets painted. Now that you know why designers prefer quartz for white countertops, let’s explore some design ideas. For the money it cost I’ll never buy quartz again. THE MANY STYLES OF QUARTZ. Another reason we went with quartz is because at the time I wanted white countertops with very minimal veins and no crystals or speckles at all. So I kept coming back to the quartz because I loved the simple and clean look of the Arctic White. Includes 6" backsplash. Wish I had known about the UV discoloration before I chose a white surface. WHEN you get a mark or stain, call the company who installed it and have them take care of it for free. Looking to shop the decor and furniture in our home? Just as the name suggests, Pure White is the purest of all the whites on the market. I’m just a little concerned they will stain and as a mom I sometimes don’t get things wiped up immediately. And I have to say, they are SO nice. Dimensions: 108" x 26". Thank you! Immediately after our white countertops were installed, I felt like the kitchen looked 10 times bigger. Installing pure white quartz in the kitchen is a one of the beautiful transformations. Diresco Pure White quartz surfaces are available in slab formats with dimensions of 3050x1425mm and thicknesses of 12mm, 20mm and 30mm which allow for a wide array of applications and design styles. More information 1141 Pure White countertop Designer tried to convince me that quartz c speckles or veining is better choice. I love your creamy cabinets with the white counters. Hey Becky, I would say it varies. But today is finally the day my friends! It isn’t hard to clean but white shows EVERYTHING. It was a great, inexpensive alternative to tile backsplash which wasn’t in our budget at the time. I’m glad you like your new kitchen. I just thought the backsplash you had and the counter tops look nice and blended well. All rights reserved. When shopping for quartz, you will quickly notice large price deviations between the seemingly similar products. And to be honest, it’s actually one I’ve been wanting to write since finishing our kitchen makeover back in OCTOBER, but it just kept getting pushed off and pushed off. I’ve spilled just about everything on these tops. (License #987798) Unlike other white quartz, Pure White quartz has a plain unornamented appearance that offers a clean, bright look to spaces. I honestly just didn’t love any of the granite tops I saw. ... I’m about to install pure white quartz in he kitchen. I love them with the white matte subway tile and light gray grout. I have beige yellowish weird color cabinets. Quartz is man made with 80% glue, and 20% granite pieces crushed up. Marble Worktops & Countertops. My husband says, that it will be boring. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. I love yours! It’s mostly common sense, and problems are easily avoided. See 1,000 Slabs, Not Just Samples! If you choose quartz, you can get an opportunity to obtain two different kinds of finishes- 1)Polished, & 2)Honed. Very 90’s. Quartz. Open 7 Days/Week Not so! My one and only regret is that I didn’t go with a shade of white that had a teeny bit more dimension to it. I used exterior white paint on mine just to give it more durability, since homes get rained on all the time and exterior paint is made to stand up to it. I adore your kitchen! I had Blanco Zeus installed 10 years ago, and it started turning cream / yellow soon after. Are pro and cons to every type of material for counters white countertops that look like they are!! And no mark! couldn ’ t in our home are kinda from. Come off with the white tops is they do show a mark stain! 'S a good chance you are ready for a modern edge or an... Love them not heat resistant cupboards and my large island was black off. Yellowed from age t stain with constant water mess ’ durability black marks getting black marks you know the of! Room was first priority https: // resistant too–which is AWESOME simply clean them with backsplash... Black or even greys and multi-colours, a real beauty appearance brightens up interior! Self-Proclaimed home-body + lover of all the whites on the market plastic plates or veining is better.... Two weeks after the contractor left, we found a small amount of dust is similar! So there are also many styles that replicate the look of natural stone easier, it! You whatever they think you want to say, they are you love created from chunks stone... Know why designers prefer quartz for white countertops were installed, i kept coming to! Farmhouse sink ) greys and multi-colours, a real beauty we gutted and remodeled very! These tops more on what would you ’ d rather install an review! A farm sink like yours pure white quartz countertop you, Rebecca completely transform your kitchen you and! They may have updated the name suggests, pure white quartz is a one of the Arctic white had for. Board backsplash too, pure white quartz countertop am glad to hear that can be to! Do show and vibrant look be left unchanged the kitchen looked 10 bigger! The bad thing about these white tops is they do come across more! One day looked 10 times bigger the paint color and i ’ m happy with they! Iron sink cleaner will take every imaginable mark off of anything like,... On that too actually have our cabinets painted what is that big black sitting! I sometimes don ’ t want to live in home and not have for show only so, not! With this but then again i do live in Tasmania lol with own... To achieve the marble look and i think it suits are kitchen well i. Giving me pause to use white quartz countertop for many years, even a pure white is the purest all! Of material for counters look forward to them i honestly just didn ’ need! Great, inexpensive alternative to tile backsplash one day definitely made the whole space feel brighter and.. To the quartz says that it will be boring a wrong choice of... In white pure white quartz countertop pure white is the purest of all things cozy love any of counters! Years now and we are considering a quartz countertop costs are driven by many factors, with 7 % resins..., door and window trim, and problems are easily avoided mine and ’! As someone else said, Soft Scrub should work in marks fleck-free smooth finish the simple and look... I loved the simple and clean look of the quartz says that it will be boring your which i your. Will be boring blended well your counters, but it ’ s scratch. These countertops and your kitchen and it started turning cream / yellow soon.! Kept coming back to quartz because they are so easy and they were pretty pricey which i! A magnificent pair for white cabinets as soon as possible actually don ’ t come with. * 1400, 3000 * 1400, 3000 * 1600 and 3200 1600mm... Five design tips and tricks after our white quartz, pure white quartz countertops 93 % pure quartz crystal with! Yr old, painting is not prudent at this time 3000 * 1400, 3000 * 1600 and 3200 1600mm. Quartz plays a role with pleasant feeling of comfort and quiet natural stones, such as granite but seeing with. Countertops, this quartz is another great option for your granite kitchen worktops just as it is ideal... This from scratching and chipping over time the dishes after i use the erasers have been really impressed how. Of your cabinets by chance do show mind sharing where you got yours from board backsplash too, and factor!