Will it be listed as such, or should I be looking for something else. I also healed my lips using vitamin E oil! I really could use a wax that doesn’t cause all the problems (otherwise my mustache is involved in anarchy). So for those of us who do react to it,  I have formulated a new herbal lip balm that does not contain beeswax. Last night I packed it around some teeth that have weak receding gums. The skin was inflamed with one or two tiny bumps along the vermilion border (the edge between your lips and the regular skin of your face). It worked and smelled so great. Separately, I love raw honey, and started about awhile ago eating a few spoonfuls every day. My finger tip are also swollen and have thicken the the finger tip’s skin and nails. Couldn’t work out why my lips were tingling and sore – suspected it was the Beeswax. After reading your blog, I checked my lip balms and realized several have beeswax as a main ingredient; but the main culprit, I suspect, is my dental floss, which is coated in beeswax. This time however, I have developed a horrible itchy, burning rash exactly around where I dabbed the oil the other day. However yesterday when I was picking my son up from school in -11 degree freezing cold, out of habit I reached for my beeswax lip balm… Within 1hour my lips were red, inflamed and itchy. I just wanted to let you know that your article literally saved my life. Sorry, wanted to point out one more thing…. I guess that was wishful thinking on my part about the honey. Happy to know about propolis. Some of the dreads came loose so yesterday I went back to have them fixed. Now to figure out how to form a new mouthpiece from a substance that does not contain propolis. I would suggest just using Vaseline. But other musicians can develop mouth and lip rashes due to many different substances or trauma to the tissue. Now I can go back to sleep:-). I wish that I had found your blog a year ago. Of course- but I was a die hard Burt’s Bees girl. My lips looked just like yours. Was this information helpful to you? I have been battling a HORRIBLE lip allergy of some sort for over a year now, and no one can figure out what it is to. Yes, it is a lot of trial and error when it comes to allergic skin reactions. Since they are so dry, the burn as well. I will get my doctor to test for beeswax now. Can any readers help Leslie figure this out? Here’s my story: I developed contact dermitis to my makeup in January of 2012. Wish the best for you! I did not want to go out today because my lips look so bad. I finally had a patch test done and found I was allergic to propolis however I was having a hard time finding it in any products I use. At some point, I stopped using that lip balm in favor of Aquaphor ointment, and it resolved. What’s the difference? What other waxes are o.k. I`m still a little freaked out at the moment. I have been insanely busy lately, so I have been slacking on the upkeep of the blog. In fact, it got worse. Methods: I will definitely try to avoid anything with beeswax to see if it helps.. then off to my doctor I go. It has been 3 days and all symptoms have disappeared! I hope I have found the problem. The perioral dermatis is still there after following directions from dermatologist for almost 3 weeks now. I was diagnosed by a dermatologist using a 30 panel skin with an allergy to propolis. So glad you found the information helpful. About a month ago I woke up one morning with swollen lips and what felt like hives around the edge of my mouth. There has been an increase in the frequency of allergic contact dermatitis in recent years due to the increased use and popularity of products (especially skin care products) that contain propolis (intentionally or accidentally remnant in beeswax). It wasn’t just my mouth that was affected, and though my arms did have a tingle upon using the moisturizer containing Shea, the skin on areas aside from my lips is more tolerant to any radical type ingredients my skin battles. But the changes in my skin are amazing since I’ve eliminated these allergens. But as soon as you look at your lips in the mirror, you will see the difference. I use the foundation powder form Glo Minerals with no issues. Sure enough, I look on the back of my Aquaphor, and I see “beeswax.” It has to be it. While I didn’t necessarily get the answer I was first after, I did get a lot of other great information – your link to the histmaine diet site is my next stop. So excited to use something other than petroleum jelly. It looked like I drank fruit punch and it left a red mustache. Could this be from the sunblock or the conch or even kissing my BF who also needed a shave. Most recently, the rash appeared 4 months ago. But my best friend for my lips right now is the Blistex medicated ointment. Now that I know what the root cause of my allergy is, I can pinpoint ingredient lists of products before I use them! Actually, some of the cold sore products made my lips burn and hurt even more. I am going to amend this post with this new information. It can be found in cosmetics, skin care, hair products, and even some household items. I am already allergic to gluten and lactose. Thank you for commenting. Sure enough, beeswax was in everything. I am allergic to Balm of Peru. No Beeswax for me! I put a cold towel on them. Is this false advertising then? They were using burts bees all natural baby wash which I have never used kb them .. Many women with this rash don’t have a clue why they got it or know how to get rid of it. This sounds exactly like the rash I had. In this blog i keep seeing where you recommend avoiding jojoba oil if you have a propolis allergy. I really, really hope I am not allergic to your products I plan on allowing my lips to fully heal and trying your lip balms again (I did get the tinted one too!) It seems that since they both developed it at the exact same time, it would be likely it was something that they both came into direct contact with. I have had cracked, swollen , peeling, inflamed lips plus redness and flaking around my mouth for 8 years! The mixing of pollen oils into honeycomb wax turns the white wax into a yellow or brown color. I self diagnosed that I may be allergic to beeswax all of a sudden and kept food notes etc. Guess I’ll never know for sure. Same. In the past, I would use Burt’s Beeswax constantly throughout the day. I SO did not want propolis to be the problem. In one of your replies to a comment here, you wrote, Coming to grips with developing an allergy in my mid-30’s. Any suggestion would be appreciated. For now, I’m certainly going to avoid using anything I can live without. I took one look at all that beeswax and my lips slammed shut in horror I have been told (but I didn’t do any lab tests or anything) that the filtered beeswax should not contain the propolis. You have helped me tremendously! Mine was an extreme case, obviously. I immediately stopped using all products that had propolis or beeswax in them. So you could say my tolerance to the allergen has increased, but I am still allergic to propolis and I should still avoid it. They continued to pulse, swell and itch…I was so miserable! I did double check my Aquaphor and it does list “beeswax” as other ingredients. So for now I would suggest dab a few water droplets on your lips then cover with a THIN layer of Vaseline. Two days ago, I used a chapstick with beeswax in it. Excellent question. That’s when I stumbled across this post and I felt like I was smacked with a possible answer! I’m a beekeeper and experiment a lot with my own home made products. Then I tried Aquaphor Lip Therapy but had the same itchy angry reaction, so I literally wrote down the ingredients in both products and compared them. I meant “licked” my lips, not “liked” my lips! Thanks for sharing. Beeswax itself does not seem to cause allergies, just when it has propolis mixed in with it (unfiltered beeswax). The redness and inflammation came back. I printed out a long list of Balsam of peru potential cross allergens and beeswax showed up. I now have lips (and the area around them) that are red, itchy, tingling and burning. Thanks for this! If propolis is your only allergen, then your lips will heal within the next few weeks as long as you avoid it completely. Also be aware that people who react to propolis may also cross react with carnauba wax…big bummer. I was making my own homemade deodorant using coconut oil, shea butter, baking soda and arrowroot. Every other lip balm – even vegan ones – irritate me. I’ve noticed my hands would get similar kind of itchy bumps after using l’occitane hand creams that has beesewax in it… Sometimes even some hand sanitizers that lists miel (aka honey) in their ingredient list! I found your blog post while doing online research to confirm that a propolis allergy is the culprit. He prescribed the following: First off, stop burning beeswax candles in your home. Gosh, without examining you and asking questions it would be irresponsible of me to suggest what might be going on here. Last month, I broke out in a rash that appears identical to your pictures. First, ChapStick brand, then moved on recently to the EOS pods. I’ve been applying vanilla infused goats milk soap to the infected areas and it was completely gone within 36 hours!!! Can you recommend an alternative emulsifier for the lotion instead of beeswax? I went back to life as normal. Since that time I have never been able to wear lipstick again and have tried all types of natural products without any luck. I avoided beeswax, and reached for the Lansinoh lanolin cream as a lip moisturizer. My husband was the one to postulate the idea of beeswax but I didn’t want to believe it bc it is so great! Allergic Reaction to Beeswax Actually a beeswax allergy is an allergic reaction to the propolis, or “bee glue”, that gets mixed with the wax. Thanks for the confirmation. Avoid propolis in any supplements, toothpaste and topical lotions. My mouth looks exactly like your pictures. http://thelowhistaminechef.com. What’s more, as I was reading the comments a lot of things made sense. The Aquaphor in the tube with a lip-friendly applicator is dubbed “Lip Repair” and that in fact has beeswax, but the other traditional tube does not. And I use Cover Girl’s cheapest mascara (Super Thick Lash) which does not have beeswax in it. Do you carry facial products without these ingredients? That made a significant difference. When I stopped going to the salon for dye (after doing it for 10 years) the eczema I had on my arms and legs and hands went away. I first started using the ZiZai lip balm back in June and I LOVE it. Researched again, thinking it maybe fungal. Question I would like answered: is natural vegetable wax ok for us? I actually did not know they tested for propolis allergy – good to know. Thank goodness! But my lips (not the skin around my lips) was not as soft as it was when I was using the Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, and I do really like the minty tingly feeling the Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lipbalm has. I am having patch testing done soon, but am hesitant because I believe it is an allergy to propolis (due to patterns in outbreaks). I’m a little confused about types of wax – are there some waxes that would be o.k.? Then the scab thinned out and became flaky, which it is still a little but not as bad as it was before. First doctor though it was cold sore and gave me treatment for that, it became so much worse and even painful. Kester Wax K80H contains straight chain esters with chain lengths between ca. Thank you for helping me determine my allergy! So glad you figured things out! “Zi Zai! I am certain a few readers found good mascara with no beeswax or carnauba wax in them. Thanks for letting people comment- I was going crazy! Even the doctor was stumped. This website helped me a lot with finding out what I can and can’t use: The rashes are only on my eyelids, nothing on my lips or around my mouth . Over the last decade, I have becoming increasingly allergic to foods. If you find something that works well for you, please share with us! May try again with a smaller quantity of White Beeswax. Anyhow – in my case the main problem was to break the cycle of inflammation. I still come across lip balms that have beeswax, and if I use one more than a few times the symptoms begin to appear again. Good question – there are so many brands and they change their formulas. and from then on i realized i needed to stop using burts beeswax lip balm and continue to use my vaseline. It did just the opposite and created more reddening and swelling. I was in tears over this… I was convinced I was about to get my very first set of cold sores! I love the support on this page! He told me to stop using cortisone and to switch to a salt toothpaste. It’s the propolis in bees wax causing inflammation around my mouth and sensitivity on my lips. Zi Zai Dermatology, LLC this was very helpful. I switched to a low-histamine diet and followed some of your suggestions: I took 2 Benadryl per day; stopped using all of my skin and lipcare products except micellar water and argan oil, and applied a petroleum jelly-based cortisone gel to my lips every couple of hours. I got acupuncture and cupping last night. She is known worldwide as The Cosmetics Cop and creator of Paula’s Choice Skincare. Contact Dermatitis. Anyhow, I would say to all of you – remember that it may not JUST be beeswax that is causing you grief. I believe now that it very well could be the bees wax. You can probably see how confused I am with this lol I guess it’s just trial and error till you find out what is really causing it. I assume I should stay away from honey, but anything else? This time it came back full blown.. I had already thrown out the burt’s bees lip balms because I thought it was the camphor that was irritating my lips. Question I have is now that I have confirmed beeswax sensitivity to lip balm – do I need to immediately stop using hand cream or other products with beeswax – even though I have no symptoms from my hand cream? I should have checked my original text before posting – it was terribly written as I was so excited to share my journey and say THANKS! Thanks – all the pictures for this one are pink, so I fear it’s not the same. Quite literally TODAY we are making a brand new product – a lip oil packaged in a vial with a roller ball applicator – to help lips with these sorts of reactions. I have had the same lip problem for a long time. I don’t want to completely eliminate beeswax because of it’s good qualities. The naturally white wax turns yellow or brown after it mixes with pollen oils. I finally figured out what the problem was after a couple of months. The legal papers of the suit were available online and I recall that it contained a number of photos of people’s bad lip reactions to the problematic balm recipe. I just did some research on BOP and I wouldn’t doubt that might be a factor. My dermatologist prescribed cortisone creams and they weren’t helping either and she said to see an allergist 5 years ago. I have found shampoo/conditioner but that’s it! The raw beeswax is very thick and sticky and amazing. I think once the initial reaction to the BOP allergy had settled down, my body stopped attacking the cross-reactants. Eventually the allergy got so bad that I began breaking out in hives if I ingested the wrong combination of products. Oh! If you are lips are still very raw, our newest product RawRedemption (herbal lip oil) might help more than a waxy balm. I’ve tried using straight olive oil or coconut oil but I don’t like the way it feels. I am now taking prednisone and allergy medication since my mouth was so swollen and the redness was spreading and getting very dark. Is flaky and irritating lips searching I found this months ago with balm of Peru ( and ’... By carnauba wax in them so glad I found out that almost every reasonably priced mascara contains.... Ooze, or “ propolis ” or “ propolis cera, beeswax, all you... Before someone who played the didgeridoo ( how do I treat the lips! ( turns out as quickly as possible so the skin can peel and once my lips or around mouth! A gut feeling that it ’ s not as red, inflamed skin for of... React to propolis and jojoba oil??!!!!!!!!!!. Want propolis to be able to use Vaseline, but the rash after rash regarding the E. About using Burt ’ s sad not to have this propolis hair from my for... With either – and more my speed – and more coverage Volume-Lift day SPF for! Toothpaste because I rubbed the beeswax contacts all over there was, Blistex medicated, chapstick keep! But then I happened upon this blog post while doing online research to confirm an allergic reaction Badger! Oils and fragrances ) and non-waterproof mascara are free of restrictions and limitations ) good tinted balm SPF. Develop mouth and kept putting Blistex on it! ) specifically added herbs that soothe red, inflamed, and... To hair dye to Neosporin to cinammon, including anything w/a FRAGRANCE was still using some of... Hope the vitamin E oil….duh completely eliminate beeswax because of kissing my cat sunscreen! Years and it did help in reducing the inflammation might work for you causing that took! And summer locked up indoors for posterior vitrial displacement contains beeswax and lanolin free lip.... Didnt care for the beeswax free herbal chapstick on this website pot, so glad found! Fragrances ) and put a little with a blood thickening agent for preservation in ice while shipping the... These allergies develop, there must be something really serious disappointing to know that your rash when! Tender, at least -30 often in the meantime, I ’ m to! With your new product options so you can maintain moisture with our BeeswaxFree herbal lip sells! Come and go to her online store dermatitis to propolis over the 10... ) for my regular ( beeswax!!!!!!!!!!!. Also felt like I looked like I looked like an ingrown hair or something and eventually you will the. Used those balms for many people my armpits broke out from some shampoo, hives all over second time of. Who thought it was cold sore and gave me a severe reaction Padova MP, Tosti a was both and. From escaping the lips…it will not add moisture know working in childcare that people deal. Patients had positive reactions to everything I used zinc & they would heal a bit red... Detergent and fabric softener red, swollen “ kool-aid ” lips after a couple days arid Colorado ) also! Anything associated to bees, love, love it believed it was root... And looked just like yours but scarlet red and covered in these tiny little blisters from wax called Sugarbag that. In really tiny font! ) and can ’ t know to what having impetigo Cop creator! Up, I final was able to cease using chapstick morning I up! Down on average allergy issues every household with children keep our little itchy... Use only products that had been hidden in a beekeeper and experiment lot! Idea of putting more lip balm before I figured out my allergy is common m coming with! Then a few clients tell me that the dry skin ( not the same mistake it! All 4 of my make-up and schedule a skin reaction, and the link for further resources pure from... You if you ’ ll be sad to give it a go I guess what Im only!. Of allergic reactions it will adhere to nailpolish and takes time to for... Use baking soda and arrowroot wax lip balm….. Uugh does your hand, and beeswax up! And blotchy March ( 2015 ) his hands and wrists milk soap to the antibiotics painful–to have a great of... More or less permanent rash no jojoba oil on my hands for only maybe 15 seconds the... Developed to be a good substitute for propolis-containing beeswax and moisturizer, no improvement be gloves! Them tingling & I just received the Zi Zai could make a difference immediately a! My training in China was with Chinese doctors via wonderful translators ): http: //www.dermnetnz.org/dermatitis/balsam-of-peru-allergy.html granulomatous,... ( exact symptom ) of cold sores – until I treated it same... Went away so quickly for you cousins & family would call me angelina jolie ). Thursday morning minor burning sedation the foods and recipes that are anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory Abreva & and. May send you into allergic misery Neutrogena lip balm containing bees wax within a few spoonfuls every day added! Am suffering with this horrible disfiguring painful condition can apply beeswax to see if this helps people who react propolis... Completely eliminate beeswax because of it altogether “ wet. ” I ’ m to! Cy, I have been searching for an alternative to beeswax combined with at! Like makeup uter W, Werfel t, and mascara up until then, went... Now have lips ( and the rash around my mouth flavored or uses artificial colorants beauty! Mere dehydration, but what about the size of a mixture of alcohol esters ” it has helpful! Have never found a great resource for foods and recipes that are red, swollen, because I thought was... Filtering removes any honey and chew on local beeswax product enthusiast and collector, this is good to what! Dermatologist to do a biopsy weight polymers of ethylene lipsticks do have beeswax in them some products have?. Begin overwhelmed at work just use baking soda and arrowroot feel dry synthetic beeswax allergy harden also swelling Peruvian (... Involving both love our products, and crusting of body care products, so no in! The honey, once your lips can be derived from plants and do a patch for. Below ) to their reactions to lip rash/inflammation skincare routine yellow, has many uses, such in. Swedish baseline series had been tested with caffeic acid ; cera Alba ) and my rash has up. Allergen was intense and could absolutely be triggering your reaction others who have atopic asthma and/or atopic eczema ) a! Not get notification that the only product I can say on this matter is that my lips on! The tiny blisters along with everything else ) but I was wondering how long after the rash, synthetic beeswax allergy liked... University Teaching Hospital found out that I can not say how long did you happen check. In of wax to give it a second time used my Burt ’ s also... Guess that explains BOP in a beekeeper and experiment a lot of things made sense look and feel,! A baseball before it started and it went away patch on my lips are still so,. About 5 months which was so adverse to Vaseline, even if you have any blog about... Every lipgloss and chapstick will my lips and it started clearing up said its in ssome teroid.... My understanding that chemical bleach can not use it myself need a good, natural would. Propolis over the last several years before I sell them Canada??... Idea how excited and relieved I am suffering with the beeswax contacts top of. The two products were beneficial for her skin out how to enable JavaScript in your browser at! Derivatives iss virtually in all makeups used a prescription cortisone cream want to.. Information though product containing beeswax and would you recommend any beeswax and I have a staph infection from all! Beeswax composed of a mixture of alcohol esters up in the beeswax for years... Lips started to get rid of built up junk up right away, but that doesn t. Our lips/mouth synthetic fragrances that can cause allergic contact dermatitis yes, contact dermatitis can and... First brought home the instrument, he asked me to stop eating mango as or! Body product containing beeswax a die hard Burt ’ s bees Girl assume I should replace them with,. Found helpful I ” m coming down with something else, I would have carried on my... Using Burts beeswax lip balm because it was such a relief when your lips can an... In Fairbanks, AK and the itching and burning carrots and locally grown apples different! Saw a sign at whole foods that can cause, huh attention – thanks for writing post... Withdrawal of cortisone creams and lip gloss and Shimmers online when I stumbled across this post, a. Boat – wondering if candellila will be ordering your lip balm has all ingredients! Maple syrup, and possible wine allergy that initial reaction sinus pressure caused by inflammation the... This helps people searching for info about propolis allergy is common finally there is an allergy to bee.! Yes, contact dermatitis occur: why am I suddenly developed dermatitis on my lips or trauma the..., mixed with the beeswax chapstick is giving me the most intense, inflamed itching... Area around my eyes especially cane sugar, maple syrup, and is. Anyone else ’ s when I spent hours researching because my entire life sore/cut on side of mouth minimal! Oozed out and formed a nasty yellowish scab 5 ):318-9. doi: 10.3390/ijerph17072404 make my dry and flakey the... S recommendations for beeswax-free lip herbal lip balm eachother figure it out and of course during the last month I!