When Brahmins were priests those days, they tried to bring this false belief among people that they are closely related to god and if they curse, it kind of kills your family or something like that. And knowing about our ancsestors or what out forefathers had been is not a racial discrimination or any caste comparisoN . Ezhava is the name of caste which is seen in southern Travancore. Other than that, no other difference between the both the communities. Thiyyas wanting to separate, think of your own future if that situation is to worsen. On one side Hindus are trying to unite and on the other side there is this random caste Thiyya wanting to have subgroups among caste. Those connected with hair cutting were known as Kaavu Thiyyas, those connected with teaching were known as Ezhuthachchans and those connected with astrology were known as Kaniyas. If you think of yourselves as backward, then other people consider you the same. He would then take food to the poor and mingle with the backward communities. Perhaps he has a point about the Buddhist origins and more research has to be done around it, though he does himself much disservice in the book by straying away from the topic and voicing his personal dissatisfaction about the upper classes and decrying the other two upper castes for pages at a stretch in his book on the social history of India. Thiyaas were originally thiraiyars according to some historians. But the real fact was different, where Thiyyar Thandan should be escorted by Nair. Chekavans or Chovans are another group. Rather, the inclusion happened due to mistake of some social engineers. The same goes my sister's family. Please read more. Good one maddy, caste was a major factor in Kerala, but I do feel it is slowly receding. They then realized that the boy was not an ordinary child but God. Name already exists! Origin of Thiyaam Thiyaam Means. Seriously!? Oh my dear god. in India, history is unforgving when it comes to the defeated who end up economically downtrodden!! And this is evident when comparing the backward tribes in India with more civilized people, for example. Ni road il vandi idich chavan kedanna nnk avasnam ayitt vellam tharumbol ni chodhikyuvo ni lower caste ana atha upper caste ana ennn. The Ezhava community at the moment is the most dynamic and prosperous community among the Hindus in Kerala thanks to the efforts of the SNDP. So now we establish the geographical distribution and get a general understanding of the categories. An interesting feature is they followed makkathayam. Accordingly four chovans of soldiers are deputed with them. Every area has their own SNDP unit. A professional writer would not put ridiculous statements such as : History of Kerala - KV Krishna Iyer No south No North mainly because of the distance, orthodox nature and culture differences. Search for more names by meaning. Akarmmani(அகர்ம்மணி) * 2. It is the practice of Tamil Brahmin to take shelter in Kerala in times of crisis. This whole caste system is a mockery and you are wanting to be a part of it. But all of them are from Ernakulam. Nair community has padayani culture same like theyyam of thiyya. Best wishes. Still the illathupillaimar people have the copper inscriptions regarding their ancestors during the time of Rani mangammal, a 18 th century queen, that mention they belong to the vamsam of enathinathar. similarly the Silahara's of Konkan were also known as Mauryas and i believe there are people in Konkan who still carry the sirname of Maurya.more confusion i believe...:). I don't remember reading the entire article of yours. used that thiyya is included in Ezhuva. I think after the independence Thiyya community graph went down. Varadur Kaniyil Kunhi Kannan to visit Sree Narayana Guru at Varkala and submitted the idea that Thiyya Community should have a Temple at Thalassery, in the year 1904. If not for that column, my kids would never be aware of caste system. Coming to Thiyyas they also followed marumakkathayam like ezhavas or billavas. Our Tharavadu name itself is Veliyath Illam.Our house is the oldest house and surrounding houses have same name too. Ple, I don't see anywhere u mentioned about Chekavan warrior group of (Ezhava and Thiyya), great info..do you have any means of communication Twitter,ig etc..I'd like to know more of the work and the sources. Everybody else looks different and came from?????. Thirayars founded many countries including Indonesia and many South Asian countries. In Ernakulam major Ayurvedic hospitals are owned by my relatives and my dads family. I did read other paragraphs as well. Also some of the first criminal, lawyers and lady Engineers in Ezhavas were from my family. They get angry and leave enmasse to Ceylon. I have reddish skin. Dear Sir, I actually thought that this is a professional site or something. But that doesn't make Ezhavas illiterate and poor. Of course Yes, Thiyyar Community Is Actually, Forward Caste, General Category, Koche history onnum ariyathe verutha navadalle. Do you know why there is a concentration of Thiyyas in Kannur. In older days Nair home ll not locked at night tats y Nair's got fair skin son of bitch u stupid, We know even you don't want to give your name.. that's Nair etc., hiding behind others and doing all bad things....stupids, Shudras or Thiyya, Nairs we don't know anything in history, "satheesh Lal Nedinhall." Pillais(Vellala) and Panicker (Villavar/Nadalvar title) indicate Bunt Nair mixture with Tamils.After the fall of Chera Kingdom Kerala was integral part of the Pandyan Kingdom of Villavar –Nadalvar Tamils until 1310 AD. Thiyyas requested for help from Sree Narayana Guru to help from the oppression that your ancestors faced! Nairs hardly have well known great warriors, the list somewhat confined to Veluthampi Dhalawa. Most of the Kavu's were not in organised way. Are you serious? Cultureless people. Does that make any sense?Talk about Thiyyas position after a couple more of years. It's either the girls family is rich or the girl herself ask for it, not that the guys asks. Don't you want unity? It inhabited the valley of Tien Shan. The Thiyyas of Malabar were upper class before independence and Ezhavas were Backward communities. Buddhists and Jainism people were the first inhabitants of Kerala. Some times God works a great deal behind the scenes. There is no upper no lower caste now. First of all Ezhava is like a conglomerate, not just one caste it is a combination of many castes! This was printed in Bassel Mission press in Mangalore[1872],Malayala Bhasha Vyakaranam[1868],Dr.Herman Gudert came to Oracheri house at chokli on 19th Feb1840 and at that time, Kunhikannan Gurukkal [the eldest brother] was 76 years old and this is recorded in Gundert's diary. Again even the houses surrounding our house has the same name as our house and all of them are relatives. I have a relative who is darker than most Black Americans here but calls himself a lineage of Greek ancestry. And every year we celebrate Onam & vishu. (reminds me of derogatory terms in Sanskrit like 'Jhara','Paisacha','Rakshasa','Asura', 'Kirata'...all of which were group of people. And I didn't take a single penny out of it, she is free to do what she wants, after all it will goes to our kids. Muthappan Most,supposed to be facts, put in the original post is what I heard from my family who have been in Kannur since generations. Thiya Name Meanings and Characteristics. (remember reading about Samudragupta's campaign and his defeating of certain 'Naga' kings of central India. Itty Achuthan was a famous chekava Vaidyar. You were saying your approach of mannerism, culture, leadership, skill, genuineness? Chandan's wife came searching for him. Illam concept is followed by many castes including many of the indigenous castes in Kerala and even by Namputhiris. The present day “Andalur Kavu” was supposed to be a Buddhist Monastery. Nairs of Malabar started claiming themselves they are superior than us. We are all from Thrissur districts and nearby areas. So Ezhavas also have Illams. Malayalam is having 52 alphabets. There are three Brahmins already in my family. We should be proud Indians above a proud Hindu . Kharadi means turner in Hindi. but again, the Jaiswals mention no connection with the Kevats or Dheemars, who are economically backward. Because of the organisations such as SNDP, those people get the support most of the times. thina translation in Gamilaraay-Malayalam dictionary. A section of them ('L' group) then moved to north Malabar, Coorg and the Nilgiris via Pakistan and Rajasthan," he says.Another part of this group called Sekon went south-west to Indus Valley to Punjab and another called Sekovar to Rajasthan. thanks kumar..in fact after writing this i came across two or three more theories and also a very interesting article by Ethiran who has a better analysis from a genetic perspective.check this outhttp://ethiran.blogspot.com/2008/06/blog-post.htmlനായരീഴവ ക്രിസ്ത്യാനി പുലയ മുസ്ലീം നമ്പൂരി മഹാജന സഭ, thanks gopalsuggest check out ethiran's article on thisനായരീഴവ ക്രിസ്ത്യാനി പുലയ മുസ്ലീം നമ്പൂരി മഹാജന സഭ http://ethiran.blogspot.com/2008/06/blog-post.html, Also to note that Kerala food like Puttu, appom etc are to be found in Sri Lanka, and Puttu in the same name in at least one of the Indonesian islands. Both Ezhavas and THiyyas had the monopoly of Kalari and Ayurveda. Eventually, we have a large and dynamic community in our midst that contributed and continues to do so, to our collective well being, through many fields. So this is the reality now even after having support. So that itself proved that my ancestors weren't illiterate. So people don't really segregate much because that fact made it difficult to get married. Note most Christians and Muslims are from these castes. Etc.and she was the one who said Ezhava and Thiyyas are the same. As per vedic interpretation it comes under a Chandravanshi Clan Or Lunar lineage. Barbosa, Pyrard etc mentioned about this community or caste. The Thiyya were categorized as upper caste by the British. Thanks Like Mahatma Gandhi once said. Majority are rich. It was on 13 February 1908 that Narayana Guru consecrated the Temple and named it Sri Jagannath Temple and the administrating committee was named as "Gnanodaya Yogam". In my place, we don't really care about castes nowadays. 9) Buddha Second, Ezhavas were originally Buddhists and so there were no caste where Ezhavas could be accommodated. It's nothing new to be honest. Further studies showed that the 'K' group had migrated from North Africa to central Asia. However my grandparents,mother and some of my cousin's look very different from me. In This area and in North Malabar the beggars are still addressed as ‘Bhishakar” & “Dharamakar”, probably the Buddhist Monks daily routine of going around for alms must have let this imprint. but again, 'Eedu' again means Gun powder in Kannada..hence Eediga/Idiga could also mean a musketeer (Ambiga someone?or Billava?? Legends of the PI (Palghat Iyer) The arrival of Tamil Brahmins to Kerala is shrouded in some amount of mystery. Interestingly in the earlier days, it is said that Tiyyas and cekons did not have untouchability with Nairs or Sudras, but Ezhavas had. Hi, i was reading your article when i saw a mention about Pullani - one family .My grandmum was from "pullani madom "as it was called. Already in my family, there is Nair and Brahmin arranged marriage. I really don't understand why there is so much of pride they take in being from Greece or aryan breed. Thanks Shan..all old nair tharavads had a kalari atatched to it. Mr.Herman Gundert is known today for his contribution to Malayalam-the first Malayalam Bible, Malayalam /English Dictionary etc. the King Kharavela of Orissa was connected and so were the Rattas of Deccan, from whom arose the famed Rashtrakutas (anybody querying how Maha-Ratta came into being Maratha? BabyCenter is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. Ezhavas had the chance to convert back to Buddhism. Also my Sri Lankan friends always mistake me for a Sri Lankan.I look very similar to them. Just Tea and Biscuits were served to Guests.A year later my mother and father were noticed by one of my fathers relative in Bangalore Shivajinagar Market. (You recall that untill quite recently the Ezhavas were Buddhists. Thiya Meaning - Gift of God. All this led to the gov thinking that they were lower caste itself. On a lighter vein, I am missing the Muslim Biriyani, pathari and kulkuls. So not all are brown. I have heard that for Trivandrum and Kollam areas which is why our family members refrain from getting married to Kottayam and other districts. I don't even think my children would even now their caste. These four created the community after arrival in the southern Malabar regions. Write Thiya in Hindi : थया, And Numerology (Lucky number) is 9, Syllables is 2, Rashi is Meena (D, CH, Z, TH), , Baby names meaning in Urdu, Hindi From 1880 to 2018, the Social Security Administration has recorded 28 babies born with the first name Thiya in the United States. Famous Channan tharavad is Alummoottil. They had a huge hinterland of jungles making them the most numerous animals on earth. It shows thiyar had been a higher level spiritual power, which is better than Brahmins (According to oral history, the only priest who has acquired the power to conduct ‘Sarpabali’ is the Komaram of Gurukkanmar Kavu in Peralasseri Panchayaths. People perhaps want to be seen as adventurers who are here braving a long and risky trek, so farther the locale, the ‘cooler’ it is. Does it matter our ancestor were from crete or Alexandria or any place you feel people are white complexioned ?. Ancients travelers from China for example did not record Ayodhya as a place in North India and Tamilnadu had a place named similar to Ayodhya. Which is clearly the reason why different castes want to be a part of Ezhavas. Submit. Seriously? Thiya name origin is Hindi. They have migrated down south approx 25K to 30K (thousand) years back through North East valley. Do you sound like a person with the above stated skills Mr. Premdev? One of the oldest temple in Ernakulam is my Tharavadu kshethram and Thiyyam is performed during our temple festivals. This whole article sounds like a melodrama. Who said dark women are not beautiful? Though ezhavas experiences lot of suppressions, still they fough against the odds and came out with flying colors. Once India split off from Africa, the population of India evolved. he too is charaterised as a staunch devotee of Shiva. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Villavar Chera king was called Villavar Kon. If you have self confidence you dont need reservation. I don't even know. How about the Thiyyas? The King later on in the story narrates got back his kingdom and returned to his country. 5) Vamana - small humanoid became the most adept at finding food and became the dominant population on earth so the three feet tall Vamana had to come to solve their problems. You need to improve your writing skills. obviously a corruption of 'verman'. So in a way on ecological and humanitarian grounds newer clans should learn from older and vice versa caste system is basically unnatural and this can be seen by any one who thinks.earlier during the period of severe caste indulgences each caste actually dependent on other castes. for some 100 years many tried fervently to find historical background of caste system.many if not all were either distracted by the old stupid stories or were oriented by their prejudice. only a food for thought rather than a conclusive dissertation.the main idea was to open the ambit of discussion to the pan-India scale away from the limiting shores of our respective individual linguistic boundaries.the argument about Lanka being the home of Ezhavas has been there for quite a lot of time now...even if it were to be true, from where did they come there?? 13.4 SUMMARY also numerous reference about thiyya pad is there in history during 1600's,1700's.also the army of kayamkulam and chembassery was consisted of people from all groups of society with christians,muslims etc.In Kayamkulam king's army, ezhavas played a big role. Naik is the common sirname, and so it is in North Canara district (Naik is a basic term which i think signifies a corporal with ten footsoldiers under him).it is peculiar, that as we follow the trail of western ghats further above to Gujarat, you find the 'bhils'. That does not allow us to tie up the loose ends. new thiyya wikipedia page link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thiyya, Dear Maddy,We, Moyas are Pathh Illakaars,( Ten Houses)and blessed by Bhagavathi. hi Tejeswaninimburia..I am no expert in these matters, nor an anthropologist, so what you see is a summary of what i study or learn, step by step.I am thankful for your pointers, which I will peruse next. Why does Hindus always have to be the one to compromise? Both practiced similar vocations too. Even for my wedding, I did have gold but not too much. Forefathers of thiyyas are Alaxander's army... Don't make such stories.. Nagars or Niars We were were all laughing behind the scene. True that. Dear chethan, Further analysis and discussions resulted in theories of migrations from far flung origins like Polynesia, Kyrgyzstan and Crete as against the more established nearer locale Ceylon (today’s Sri Lanka). I have friends and family who are a mix of upper and lower caste.But we don't think of ourselves as inferior or superior. There is not much interaction between Hindus, Muslims and Christians as before. Their names used to start with izham in olden records of travancore of early 18th century. I am so glad that there is one. Why do we even need a community in the first place? Billava is another caste which is closely related. All these families trace back their origin to Malabar. I was totally unaware of its existence. May be that was the reason British people maintained good relationship with Thiyyar community in Malabar. Again, Ezhava itself is not just one caste. Still most of the koolies in kannur are no one but thiyyans only. I don't buy that anymore. There is no difference. The ones who went to North India developed features that looked more European over time due to climatic conditions and these people eventually went all the way to Europe to become Europeans.